Fall - August 17, 2016

Dressing for yourself

transition from summer to fall cute outfit idea with peep toe booties and versatile burgundy blouse
transitional outfit featuring peep toe booties and distressed jeans
close up shot of burgundy twist front blouse and baublebar earrings
brighton the day styling twist front blouse with distressed jeans and peep toe booties
transitional summer to fall cute outfit idea with burgundy blouse, distressed denim and peep toe booties
fall transitional outfit with burgundy blouse and peep toe booties

Have y’all ever heard the term “girl hot” or “guy hot?” The sayings imply that you’re wearing something that females might like better (usually more trendy items) vs. what a man would be into (maybe a dress or something natural like jeans + sneakers? I actually don’t even know). I recently heard someone refer to “girl hot” for the first time and stopped to think about how I dress.

As a blogger who runs a business on fashion and what I’m wearing, I spend a lot of time thinking about outfits, but I haven’t taken much time to stop and think about who I’m dressing for. I guess often times it’s for readers/followers or what I think will have a good reaction – and I’m constantly trying to showcase pieces y’all might like or sharing how to put certain items together. But I realized it’s fairly rare that I’m dressing for just MYSELF. Simply looking at my closet and asking, “What will make me feel good today?” without any outside influences lingering in the back of my head.

And I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve dressed up for a man before—or even other women (that’s sometimes even more motivating), because I think it’s necessary at times—but never more important than what makes YOU feel good.

This outfit right here is exactly that – what I feel my best in. And it’s not the cutest thing I’ve ever worn and maybe you won’t get inspiration to run to your closet and mimic this look, and that’s OK. It’s crucial to do things for yourself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and today, I’m dressing for myself. It’s amazing what a little thought like that can do for you, too – like this outfit makes me feel empowered and damn good! Maybe that sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth.

Jeans, a cute and comfy shirt, a little heel, and my hair done is my happy place (yes, doing my hair makes me feel that much better). It’s definitely a more casual outfit, but my hair + comfortable cute heels makes me feel put together and most like myself.

And again, even though this isn’t the most Pinterest-worthy outfit ever, I hope this post gives you a push to think about what in your closet makes YOU feel great.

I’m curious, do y’all dress with someone in mind every day? Is it yourself? I’d love to hear what you feel your best in!

P.S. At first I thought I’d pick my pajamas, but when I really sat back and thought about it, I do actually feel better a little spruced up.

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