Shopping - January 2, 2018



OK my intention was to publish this last week, but 1. I got in research-Brighton-black-hole-mode and just never finished it and 2. I actually ended up spending way more time on this because things kept popping into my head. Instead of just sharing a few products that I liked this year, I rounded up things I use or wear over and over – because that’s gotta mean something right? I wouldn’t lie to y’all – the list below is seriously the best stuff I own at the moment.

brighton keller new house ootd, burgundy sneakers, black leggings and grey sweater

Well for starters, I should probably mention my BIGGEST one of the year – my new house. I closed at the very beginning of January. I cannot believe it has been an entire year – it has flown by. But I have LOVED getting to spend my time here making it a home. I wrote a few blog posts on my house-buying process if you’re curious about the ins-and-outs of it all and what I learned!

buying a washer and dryer at home depot

And then I had to get other #adulting things for the house like appliances, furniture and here I’m getting my washer & dryer!

topshop cross front sweater

This cross-front sweater has a big hit for me – so great for going out and even daytime too!

keep health in check during holidays 57

Adidas Sneakers – I love how sneakers are in style right now because who doesn’t love being as comfy as this? I’ve found these to be extremely neutral in terms of how I can style them. Fave pair everrr!

Becca HighlighterLast year I was obsessed with Mac Cosmetics Mineralize in “Soft & Glow” but now that I’ve found Becca’s Champagne Pop, I don’t think there will EVER be another highlighter I’ll use. Although I have heard a lot about RMS – I might have to try that, too. Do any of y’all use it?

Rag and bone simone pant
spring business casual outfit black pants, chloe pink drew bag, tweed jacket, ramy brook silk top

Rag & Bone Simone pant – I talk about these all the time. They’re more of a work pant, but gosh they’re so flattering and I can’t recommend them enough. I absolutely love them! I got them back in February before Paris and they’ve been some of my FAVORITES ever since! I got them in black and blue (showed you me wearing both of them above!)

Over the knee boots, black jeans, cream turtleneck sweater

Rag & Bone high-wasited  black jeans – We all need a pair of high-rise black pants, and I’ve gone through like 30 before finding a pair that I LOVE. Something about these is just super flattering and they are comfyyy (have you noticed how a lot of black jeans are really weird material? Not these). I like them more than the Citizens I always talk about AND the J Brand Maria (which I’ve now decided I don’t like. They must have changed something because I’m over them now.) All about the Rag & Bone pair.

long grey duster outfit levis distressed jeans white tee chanel pink quilted bag 2 - 20

Mac Comsetics Lipstick in Viva Glam II – The perfect everyday nude! It’s the color I’m wearing in the image above!

graphic tee, tweed skirt, camel blazer and black booties // fall transitional outfit ideas

Gucci black velvet cross body – I like to treat myself to a really nice purse every so often, and omg I love this one. If you are looking for a black bag that goes whit legit everything and is a little lux, buy this for yourself rn.

black friday week shopbop sales

Cami NYC Tank – A good cami is like a good purse. You can wear it over and over. This one is a little flirty and a lot pretty and I need to order a couple more.

camel sweater, black jeans, leopard booties, brown leather bag, and black sunglasses

Topshop Sweater (44% OFF)  – This has been in heavy rotation this year and it’s one of the best sweaters I own. I also have it in the grey color and love it; it’s so cozy! I wore it in this blog post. It goes well with tons of outfits since it’s neutral, and looks cute tucked in or out.

brighton the day train outfit wearing white skinny jeans, denim jacket, and blank tank outfit

Marc Fisher Wedges – One of my most worn pairs of shoes. You just need them for the Spring & Summer seasons – they’re so flattering! I have them in 3 colors!

beauty products from IG stories-4

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Glow – Y’all know my obsession with Charlotte Tilbury in general, and this is one of her best products. It’s a tinted moisturizer that’s great for when you don’t want to wear any other makeup or for under your foundation. It makes your skin look crazy healthy and will a tad of color.

Ember mug – You gotta have a mug that makes you excited every day. This is mine.

Shark Rotator Vacuum – I’ve been meaning to talk about this on stories and feel really old adding vacuums to the list, but woah a good one makes a difference. This is great for a deep clean once a week or so.

Shark cordless vacuum – OK yes I have another vacuum bc I love a clean floor! This cordless one is actually life changing. You know when you want to clean something up quick and don’t need the heavy duty vacuum? THIS IS THE ANSWER. I’ve got in the habit of vacuuming every time I blow dry my hair bc my hair gets everywhereeee, and it makes me feel a lot better. I keep it right in my closet and it’s super affordable.

Heating Pad (I got mine for $12 from Amazon here) – Another thing that makes me feel old but I don’t care. This is a godsend for cramps or when something hurts – which I’m finding is often as I’m getting older and out of shape lulz. I love to use it in winter when I’m reading in my bed, too!

Floor lamps I scored at Wisteria waarehouse – These are two of my most treasured things in my house and they make me smile every time I see them. Seriously. I love. If you live in Dallas, you’ve got to check this place out because they have stuff for like 40% OFF – plus some.

Legit knives – OK, so knives are expensive, I get it, but think about how often you use them? Pretty much every day, especially if you like to cook. It’s an adult investment, but they last forever, so once you buy them you’re set for a long time. So worth it IMO! After lots of research, I ended up getting the J.A. Henckels knives and I would NEVER go back to anything else. They’re amazing and change the game.

Extra pair of sheets – You know those days when you wash your sheets and then you want to be lazy but your sheets are in the dryer still and you’re too damn lazy to do them? Extra sheets have saved me a lot this year, ha! They also come in handy for guests who need to crash on the couch. I LOVE the Pure Beech Modal Sateen sheets!

how to organize your pantry - pantry organization tips

Organizers for my pantry -I showed y’all my panty organization earlier in the year, and it still makes me happy whenever I walk in there. I can’t quite put my finger on which exact “organizers” were the best purchase. I guess it was just so nice to finally get things organized at all. And it’s really great having a system and place to put everything.

lulu lemon align pant with cropped hoodie and huka tennis shoes

Lulu Lemon Align Pant – There are a billion workout pants out there, but these are the best. Great for actually working out or running errands and going for more of an athleisure look. If you follow me on instagram, then you’ve heard me talk about how amazing they feel!

shawl cardigan, bp neck pullover, leather leggings, and leopard slides

Faux leather leggings – if you’ve been following me AT ALL then you now I love a good pair of leather leggings. I have several different pairs. This year, I’ve been loving the Commando ones!

Mario Badescu Drying Cream – Whenever I feel a zit coming through, I use this a couple times a day. It really helps at drying the blemish up before it sneaks in. It’s cheap too!

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Gel – Because the dry skin around my nose literally drives me crazy and this is the only thing that soothes it. Plus, I use it for my cuticles and to keep my eyebrows in place too. (Weird I know, but it’s good.)

Brighton keller at Paris airport wearing travel outfit

This little cardigan is such an easy throw-on. I wear mine all the time for cozy loungewear, errands, and travel outfits too like I did on my way home from Paris back in April.

Made + Model grey joggers brighton keller mirror selfie

Make + Model Joggers – I spend a lot of time working from home and I usually like to at least change out of my PJs to do so. But I don’t want to go as far as wearing jeans or anything. So these are the answer! SO stinking comfy – literally the comfiest lounge pants in the world.

plaid blazer, burgundy blouse with mom jeans and slides

Gucci Loafers – Finally pulled the trigger and glad I did because I literally wear these every other day even in the cold. I just love how they look and know they’ll last for years.

Natori ‘Pure Luxe Underwire Tee-shirt Bra” – This has 5 stars with over 500+ reviews so you know it’s gotta be good. And it is. It’s comfortable and easy and gets the job done.

Kerastase VIP Spray – It gives crazy good volume with a backcomb effect.

Zella no-show socks – For some reason it’s taken me YEARS to find no-show socks that actually stay in place, but these are fab. I’ve heard Nike has some good ones too, but so far I love these.

Travel containers from Ulta – I got a bunch and use for purse organization while traveling and when I’m just lugging things around. Also good for makeup!

PJ Salvage Pajamas – Just so comfortable. That’s it.

hunter boots, jeans, black and white striped tee, yellow rain jacket, red scarf, rainy day outfit

Finally got myself a cute little rain jacket and it has come in handy many a time! Something about having a cute (longer) one makes all the difference! My exact yellow one is sold out but they’ve got the same one available in Navy!

black balloon sleeve sweater on paris balcony levis distressed denim, paris and flowers

Line + Dot Alder Sweater – I first wore this in Paris in 2017 and I still find it in heavy rotation. Another classic neutral sweater for everyday wear.

black pleated midi skirt, striped tee, gucci belt, pointed toe flats 15

J. Crew striped shirt – I love a classic stripped shirt and this is a solid one. Cute right? I layer it under things on the reg.

topshop cream turtleneck sweater

Topshop tunic turtleneck – been wearing this a lot! I also have it “highlighted” on my stories right now too if you want to see another way I’ve worn it.

Trouve lightweight v-neck sweater – Have it in off-white, pink, black, grey and olive. Wow, that’s a lot. Really like it.

Okay WOW I could probably keep going, but I’ve got a meeting in like 10 minutes so I’ve GOT to peace out! Thanks for visiting the blog! And I also did one for 2016 if you’re interested in checking that one out!