Shopping - December 30, 2016

30+ Best Purchases of 2016

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I legit cannot believe that 2016 is coming to a close. I really feel it was just November 2015 and I was brainstorming and dreaming about where I wanted BTD and my business to be in the year to come (aka 2016), so it’s hard to believe that the entire year has already come and gone. As we come to close another yet, I’ve been taking time to reflect on lessons I’ve learned (coming Monday!), new resolutions I want to make (coming next week!) and then also reflecting on what 2016 was all about.

So let’s get into it, shall we?! Continue reading for my list of best purchases of 2016…

athleisure look, moto alo leggings, allstar adidas sneakers, topshop olive bomber jacket, casual ootd

wearing alo yoga moto leggings + crewneck sweater (included in round up!) + topshop moto jacket + adidas all star sneakers + celine phantom tote + ray ban sunglasses

These alo yoga moto leggings – I got these over the summer and have been in LOVE with them ever since. There’s seriously SO comfortable and I LOVE how high-waisted they are! They’re also easy to wear around town AND to work out :)

fave grey sweater ($39!) + black leather moto jacket *under $100!) #ootd

BlankNYC leather moto jacket (33% OFF) – you guys. This was such a BOMB purchase during the #NSALE. I love the fit of it and have been able to wear/style it SO many ways. I highly recommend it!

citizens of humanity grey jeans, austumn cashmere neon pink swaeter, vans white sneakers

Citizens of Humanity “Rocket” jeans in grey – I absolutely love this cut/style of jeans by CoH and actually have the same pair in 2 different washes. I’m considering getting it in the off white wash as well because I love the high-waisted fit; it’s very flattering I think!

AG distressed legging jeans, prada pointed toe pump

AG Distressed Jeans – I’ve talked about how much I love these jeans plenty a time before and the sheer number of times I wear them should an indication of how much I love them. I snagged these during the #NSALE in July (along with several of my other favorite 2016 purchases) and I love everything about them – the wash, amount of distress, fit, length and amount of stretch too. If you haven’t given these a shot, I can’t recommend them enough; they’re certainly worth the investment! In my experience, they fit TTS.

best purchases of 2016 - beauty and makeup products

Almay Makeup Remover Swabs – these things have been SO amazing for travel and for fixing removing mascara from my eyelid when I accidentally get it on there while applying my makeup.

YSL Lip Stain No. 107 – I love wearing a bold statement lip but in reality, I wear an everyday color more often. And lately, I’ve been wearing this color pretty much everyday – I’m actually on my 2nd tube of it. I love how it shimmer a little but not too much and how it adds just a little bit of hue to my natural lip color.

Fresh Sugar Bath Scrub – I got this last Winter because I needed something to help exfoliate before shaving  but have grown to LOVE it and ended up using it year round. Not only does it do an excellent job of exfoliating, but the oil in it moisturizes your legs as well – so much so that sometimes I don’t even need to put lotion on when I get out of the tub because they’re still silky smooth (and a bit oily, which I like) from the brown sugar scrub. The only downside is that it makes your tub a little bit slimy when you use it (oil residue), but it’s definitely worth if you ask me!

Coconut Oil – my room mates use this stuff for EVERYTHING from cooking, to makeup remover and as a body butter so I felt like I needed to give this stuff a shot. I ordered some on Amazon last March and have been addicted ever since. I use it ALL the time, mostly as a body moisturizer and to take off my makeup. I brought some on my trip to Barbados with my sister and I got her hooked too!

MAC Highlighter in “soft & gentle” – I did an entire post this past summer on my favorite highlighters and of all of them that I featured, this is by far the one that I use the most. Although I feel like I should mention that I still haven’t tried the Becca highlighters, which I’ve heard A LOT about (so I still need to give those highlighters a shot). But from what I have used, this stuff is amazing and adds the PERFECT finishing touch to my everyday (and night time) makeup. I mostly apply it on my cheekbones and a little to the top line of my nose for a little glisten.

It Cosmetics double-sided Brush – THIS BRUSH. I use it every single day. The best part about it is that it’s actually 2 brushes in 1; one end is skinnier and great for under eye concealer and the other end is thicker/bigger and great for putting on foundation. Since I’m always putting my makeup on while on the go, this is such a great brush

Charlotte Tilbury Miracle Cream – this stuff is a pretty penny, but I really think it’s worth it. I put it on before I applying my makeup and then again at night after removing my makeup. There’s something about the consistency of it that just feels like luxury. I don’t know what it is, but I think it makes my skin glow a bit – especially when applying it before putting my makeup on. I know it’s an investment, but I think it’s one worth splurging on.

Urban Decay Subversion Mascara Primer – I never really realized that mascara primers even existed but I tried this back in February and was shocked by the different it made. I’ve now been through 5 tubes this year and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I don’t have the best slash longest lashes in the world, so I’m willing to take any help I can get to make my lashes look longer and more lush. I highly recommend giving this stuff a shot.

brighton the day close up up BLANKNYC brown suede jacket and white turtleneck

BlankNYC Suede Jacket – I actually did an entire post on why you need a suede biker jacket earlier this week. And I think the fact that I have THIS SAME JACKET in 4 different colors should be testament enough to how stinkin cute and versatile it is. Honestly, this thing (in any color) can truly MAKE an outfit and is definitely a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe (especially for under $200 – that’s a remarkable price for such a good looking and quality jacket!).

brighton the day styling free people turtleneck sweater, jeans, booties, louis vuitton neverfull

wearing free people turtleneck + ag leggings jeans + blake booties

Cozy turtleneck sweater – I bough this full price (**rolls eyes** because it’s now 50% OFF) back in September and have loved wearing it on chilly days in Dallas. It’s super cozy and I love the color and fit of it too!

manicure car selfie ripped jeans

Dior Sunglasses – They were quite the investment and definitely a hard trigger to pull (I mean, they’re sunglasses for goodness sake!), but I’m in love with them and have really enjoyed wearing them! I love how they look and think they MAKE an outfit.

nike pegasus sneakers, beyond yoga leggings workout pants

wearing beyond yoga leggings + nike pegasus sneakers + hanes v-neck tee + zella pure energy seamless sports bra

Nike ‘Pegasus’ Tennis Shoe – Confession: I have 4 pairs of these. I get a new pair about every 6 months because I LOVE how a fresh pair of them feels and I haven’t been able to find another work out shoe that makes me want to workout quite like these do. And they’re really cute on your foot, which is also a major plus! I got my newest pair during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and highly recommend this model of Nike shoe.

beyond yoga heather grey apnts, kendall and kylie sneakers

wearing beyond yoga leggingskendall & kylie sneakers + Zella cutout back long-sleeved tee

Beyond Yoga Pants & 12. Zella Leggings – oh boy do I talk about these babes a lot! If you follow me on snapchat, then you might remember me raving about the beyond yoga pants that I’ve been living in this year. I have the heather grey high-waisted one and Y’ALLLLLL no words can describe the heaven that is these pants. I mostly wear them around the house and just ALL the time when they’re clean – I’ve considered getting a second pair so I’ve have them to wear when my other pair are dirty. Moving onto the zella black leggings – I did an entire blog post dedicated to how to wear slash what to wear with leggings and these are the ones that I featured throughout – they’re amazing because they really suck you in! Plus, I like that they’re a little thicker than most leggings and have JUSt the right about of stretch.

best of 2016 - shoes

Prada patent leather pumps // Ugg house slippers // Adidas All Star Sneakers // Vince warren slip-ons // Nike pegasus sneakers // Vince Camuto OTK boots // Packable hunter boots // Blake suede booties

brighton the day wearing black swing dress with oversized knit scarf and otk boots

wearing BP. Turtleneck Swing Dress + Baublebar Monogram Necklace XL + Free People Knit Scarf + Vince Camuto OTK Boots

Vince Camuto OTK Boots (50% OFF) – I wanted to include these because they’re not 50% OFF. They’re only available in a few sizes now, but if they have your size then you should DEFINITELY snag a pair because I promise you that you won’t regret it. These things have been such a closet staple for me since snagging them during the NSALE in July.

how to wear a bomber jacket, topshop olive green bomber jacket, sincerely jules dream often white tee, mother slit knee denim, patent leather pumps, dressing up a tee shirt, bomber jacket outfit

outfit details can be found in this post

Prada Pointy Toe Pumps – I’ve tried all the “cheaper” (less expensive, affordable, whatever language you want to use) and they just don’t look the same. Patent leather is hard to do well and I’m VERY particular about how my pumps look; they’ve got to have the prefect pitch (basically heel height-ish) and toe cleavage must be on point. So I felt compelled to invest in a good pair because I just couldn’t find a good alternative for a patent leather classic pump and I have to say that it was definitely worth the investment. And of all the high-end options I’ve tried (including the popular Jimmy Choos that look very similar), I’m confident that the Prada ones are the BEST on the market – at least in my opinion! I love them and think they look spectacular :)

Vince sneakers

Vince “Warren” Slip On Sneakers (wearing size 6.5 and usually wear size 7 in shoes) – Oh lawddd, these things y’all. I loved them so much and wore them so often that I had to get them in another color. Also, I brought them home with me for Thanksgiving break with my family and got both my sisters and mom obsessed with them as well. We all wear the same size so when I’d leave them out in the living room, they’d slip them on to go run a quick errand and then wouldn’t want to give them back. We all have matching pairs 😃 hehe

brighton the day mirror selfie adidas, jeans, tan sweater

wearing BP. Crewneck Raglan Pullover + FRAME ‘Le Skinny de Jeanne’ Jeans + adidas Superstar Sneaker + kate spade iphone case

BP. Crewneck Pullover (under $50) – I’ve talked about how much I LOVE this sweater, but I’m going to tell y’all again because it really is THE BEST. And it’s literally gotten to the point where I’m wearing it (at least around the house..) at least 3x a week (literally y’all – it’s THAT comfortable and cute). So to say the least, I HIGHLY recommend it.

distressed denim, cognac suede booties, crewneck cozy sweater, fall outfit, casual ootd

I also have this sweater in the grey color (shown above) and alternate between the two on the reg. These jeans are a favorite purchase from 2015 actually and I love them – they’re more distressed than my other knee-slit distressed jeans; I also have them in white (under $200).

best of 2016 beauty products

Drybar hair clips // Drybar detangler brush // Drybar Round brushes – half pint, full pint & double pint // Oribe Texturizing Spray // Drybar Blow Dryer // Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo // Bumble & Bumble thickening mousse // Drybar Mudslide conditioning treatment

Oribe Texturizing Spray – I talked about how much I loved this stuff in my hair post about how to get more volume, but I wanted to bring it up again because this stuff really is a miracle worker. It’s not cheap (sorry!), but it’s really amazing and DOES work super well. If your hair doesn’t respond well to heat or doesn’t really hold a curl well, try using this to give your strands a little bit of texture or grit to hold the style. I use it all over my hair and especially in the roots when I want to have a big, voluminous hair style. (PS: also available at Nordstrom if you prefer to shop it from there.)

Bumble & Bumble thickening mousse – This the stuff (more like crack) that I always talk about (and rave about) on snapchat. If you follow me on there, then I don’t even need to tell you that it works – because you’ve seen how legit it is. You MUST give it a shot and let me know what you think!

Drybar Round Brush & 28. Blow Dryer – Oh gosh you guys. I went total immersion with Drybar this past year and have loved every second of it. I still use other brands too of course, but I fell in love with a few of DryBar’s products and am continuing to try more when I can. Specifically, I got their blowdryer and LOVE it and now ONLY use it to style my hair. My favorite part is how skinny the nozzle is because my hair responds well to the concentrated heat, especially when I use their round brush. I’m planning on doing a hair tutorial in early 2017 to show you guys how well it looks – so be on the lookout.

best of 2016 - desk additions

Paper sorter // Thank you notes // Five Star notebooks //Mail Organizer // Bluetooth Speakers // Votivo candle in scent “red currant”

Mail Organizer – Mail is one of those things I avoid…until the stack is so ridiculous that I no choice but to start digging in. But this past year, I picked up a simple mail sorter at the container store and it has really helped me keep my desk and huge stack of mail organized. Even just having a designated spot to PUT it has helped and I like that it’s not just in a stack anymore but is “sorted” and standing up on my desk as a constant reminder to deal with it (ha!).

Five Star notebooks – I love cute notebooks and have SEVERAL of them, but do I actually end up using them in real life? The hones truth is…lol no. Something about each and every single one of them bugs the heck out of me. So this year I said BYE to all the cuteness and went back to the basic spiral-bound notebooks and I’m so much happier – although my desk doesn’t look every cute. But my handwriting is better in these things for some crazy reason.

Sound machine – In my rental house right now, my bedroom is sort of in the middle of everything and right next to the big room where we all hang out and/or watch TV. Earlier in the year, I got myself a sound machine and have grown to love it so much that when I travel, I use an app on my phone to replicate the noise. Now I can’t stand falling to sleep in silence! And I’ve actually gotten a few of my friends hooked as well. Plus, I love the background noise when I wore too!

A NEW HOUSE – gahhh! I know it doesn’t really “go” with most of my other purchases (in that it’s not really a recommendation lol), but I thought this would be a fun way to announce on the blog that I BOUGHT A HOUSE! I still can’t believe it! I’m BEYOND excited and cannot WAIT to show and tell y’all all about it! But for now, I just wanted to make the announcement :)

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