Style - December 29, 2017


jacquard skirt, navy sweater, and hot pink pumps O106-8
jacquard skirt, navy sweater, and hot pink pumps O106-13
jacquard skirt, navy sweater, and hot pink pumps O106-10
jacquard skirt, navy sweater, and hot pink pumps O106-7

Last week I talked about ways I was preparing for 2018. One of those ways was to spend some time reflecting. But wow, I’ve been doing WAY more than I had initially anticipated or ever done before actually. I’ve been doing it (the reflection thing) REAL big. And by BIG I mean, in my bedroom in my (super old) PwC XXL t-shirt and spandex, eating cold pizza.

This year I have been particularly motivated to do all the thinking and reflecting on what has happened – aka 2017. Like the year literally just sprinted right past me. WOAH!

Please tell me you follow on instagram stories? I’m starting to feel like those of you who don’t are totally missing out. [Recently on stories] I’ve been talking about my latest rabbit-hole of curiosity: the psychology and strategies behind the greatest football coaches. Namely, Nick Saban. Sorry I keep talking about him (annoyed yet?), but You GUYS I’m just learning so much.

My stories last night were a bunch of quotes from him (I saved to my highlights if you want to catch up!). They’re so good and every time I read them, I get all FIRED UP. And I hate ALABAMA football (by default since I’m from Baton Rouge – #DUH). I’m an LSU and UT (Austin) fan! But I can still appreciate a genius when I see one. I can appreciate success too and I like to study people who are good at life.

All this to say, I’ve decided to create some content around all this reflection since it’s been taking up so much brain space lately.

I have a HUGE self-reflection post coming later TONIGHT. WOOP. So you can bookmark it and do a little reflecting yourself THIS WEEKEND. I’m going to take you through my through process on why I think it’s so important AND even give you actionable steps for how to do one YOURSELF.

I still have to read over a few of the things I wrote because it’s a bit messy. I’m hoping to have it up by 5 PM central. I’ll post on instagram stories when it’s live! It’s going to be a REALLY good one y’all! Stay tuned.

Outfit Details: LOVE this skirt (runs a tad big, high-waisted, very flattering) // Sweater (also seen here) // Dee Keller pumps // Furla Bag