Beauty - February 18, 2022

Beauty Review: Dyson Airwrap

brighton butler dyson airwrap review

For years, I heard people raving about the Dyson Airwrap, but I never really considered getting it because it was a pretty big investment, and I was always happy with the curling wand or iron I was using. But when a friend let me borrow theirs for a couple of weeks to try out, I was seriously amazed at the results I got versus using my regular wand.

I was definitely a late adopter of the Dyson Airwrap, but now I’m all about it. I’m not going to lie, it took me a few attempts to really learn how to use it. I think there’s a big learning curve with this tool, but now that I’ve been using it for a few months, I feel just as comfortable as I would with any of my other styling tools. You can see a tutorial I filmed recently in my Hair highlight on Instagram.

There are some things I don’t love about the Dyson Airwrap though, so I felt like I should write a full review to give you guys an idea of whether or not it’s worth the investment.



I was late to the Airwrap game, but now that I’ve tried it, I’m never going back to a normal curling iron or wand. The results I see with the Airwrap are by far the best I’ve ever had and I love that it doesn’t damage my hair the way traditional tools do!


First, I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve picked up either by trial and error or from a friend when using the Airwrap. I’ve personally noticed it works SO MUCH better on damp hair versus hair that’s totally dry.

If I end up washing and drying my hair at night, I’ll spritz it with a spray bottle full of water in the morning to get my hair damp. I’ve tried using the tool on dry hair before and it just doesn’t work as well for me.

The technique that works best for my hair is when I wrap the hair away from my face, making sure the ends get securely on the barrel. Then I hold it horizontal so that the root can get the warm air (make sure you pull the hair tight) before I blast it with cool air and basically let my hair fall as I spin the Airwrap out of my hair. I know that’s REALLY confusing to explain via text but it makes so much more sense if you watch my tutorial, I promise!

For the biggest root boost, I always hold the tool horizontal, and product is a MUST. I typically use the Agenda Head Start head protectant serum followed by 5-6 pumps of the Big Plans Ahead root boosting foam for the best results. I’ve tried to style my hair without products and it didn’t work for me — my hair got kinky and the curl didn’t hold!


My favorite thing about the Airwrap is the finished result. I’ve used a lot of styling tools in my day and never experienced a curl like I get with the Airwrap.

This tool is also amazing because you get multiple attachment tools that let you style your hair however you want. It’s basically the best way to get an at-home blowout any time. I love how quickly the blow dryer attachment dries my hair, and then I can easily switch that out for either of the brush attachments or the wands depending on how I want my hair to look that day. Both brushes create such a smooth and healthy look for my hair, which I love… although I’m pretty partial to the wands because I love a good loose curl/wave.

I also feel like this tool damages my hair way less than a curling iron or wand would because it doesn’t use extreme heat. I had to cut 4 inches of hair off the other day because my stylist said it was so damaged, and I’m convinced it is from using other tools for so long (and I’m sure not getting a hair cut for a while didn’t help…). But this tool doesn’t give my hair that fried feeling like other tools do.


The cost is the number one con of the Dyson Airwrap. At $600, it can be tricky to justify spending that much on a hair styling tool. However, it is something I use on an almost daily basis, and the results really are incredible.

I do notice that my hair tends to lose its curl faster when I use the Airwrap over any of my other styling tools; however, I was just talking to a friend about this and she said hers last a long time, so I really think it depends on your hair type.

Styling my hair with the Airwrap also takes longer than just curling my hair with a wand or curling iron. Like I mentioned before, there’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to this tool. The way it pulls your hair in to curl can be tricky to maneuver at first, and even after a few months of using it, I still feel like it takes me more time to do my hair from start to finish.


If you’re someone who’s constantly using different tools to dry and style their hair, the Airwrap is great because it has everything you need. I also love it for traveling because I only need to bring one tool with the attachments I need.

I have talked to friends with shorter hair who say the wand is a bit big for their length, so it may be best for those who have longer locks. I feel like it gives my hair the perfect loose curl (I always brush my hair out after I curl it) that I haven’t been able to find with other products.

If you’re in a place where you can splurge on a tool like this, I highly recommend it. Just make sure to use it on damp hair and always include product! I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever go back to a normal wand/curling iron.

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