Other - May 6, 2014

Beautiful Things Don’t Ask for Attention


Beautiful things don’t ask for attention – (cue the voice in my head)…right, ok…because they just naturally get it.

Further, if something is truly as great as you want or hope it to be, you won’t have to convince and/or explain it. You with me here?  It’s like those people who always talk about how smart they are or how much money they have (or how great their kids are – we all know that type!) – it’s like you want to say to him/her as they go on and on about [whatever], umm…. who you tryin’ to convince, buddy?

I first heard this quote when watching the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and it really resonated with me. I’ve never heard anyone phrase this notion/thought/conclusion in such a simple and striking way. And I just love it.

It’s kind of similar to the saying – the cream rises to the top. But not really? Regardless, I love it and it’s definitely something worth thinking about. What do you think about this quote? Any thoughts?!