Fitness - August 20, 2021

My Favorite Athletic Sneakers

Brighton Butler wearing workout athelisure look, Lululemon all yours tee, outdoor voices shorts, Adidas ultraboost sneakers

I’m not sure when athletic sneakers became such a huge part of my shoe collection – probably in the last year or two? But looking at my closet these days, there is no doubt I love them and might even have a problem, lol. I always had a couple pairs but walking has become such a big part of my routine, and because of this I am always on the hunt for a sneaker that will last a long time without killing my feet.

Hence this post! I’ve done the legwork on this one, trust me, so I thought I’d share my favorite pairs with y’all. I have four pairs that I frequently wear that are all comfortable without sacrificing looks that I’m listing out below with a few points on why I like each!

Brighton Butler wearing Beyond Yoga set, hola sneakers, Patagonia hat, athleisure outfit

Hoka Bondi 7 Sneakers

You might notice just looking at Hoka sneakers how thick the sole is. Well, I can confirm that the thick sole serves its purpose because these are the most cushiony of my four favorite brands. The foam is quite firm and it provides really great support that decreases pressure on the heel and ball of the foot. I highly, highly recommend any of the Hoka styles  if you’re a walker like me. Most recently, I’ve been wearing the Hoka Bondi 7 sneakers but I also have the Cliftons and love them as well!

Outfit Details: Beyond Yoga Racerback Tank // Beyond Yoga Biker Shorts // Hoka Sneakers
Brighton Butler wearing Lululemon align leggings tie dye and back in action tee rose color and grey sneakers tennis shoes

Oncloud Cloudswift Running Shoe

I discovered this brand 3+ years ago and I’ve really grown to love them. These are the Cloudswift running shoe – they’re super lightweight and the mesh they’re made of is really breathable so my feet never get too hot (key for walking in the Dallas heat). If you’re not familiar with Oncloud, they’re famous for their highly adaptive sole which is supposed to help prevent muscle fatigue and offer loads of support. All around, they’re well cushioned and extremely comfortable, and perfect for walking (or running if that’s your thing). Plus, I think they look cute and I’ll be honest in saying that had a lot to do with why I got them originally!

Outfit Details: Back In Action Tee // Align Leggings // On Cloud Sneakers
Brighton Butler wearing workout athelisure look, Lululemon all yours tee, outdoor voices shorts, Adidas ultraboost sneakers
Adidas ultraboost sneakers

Adidas Ultra Boost

From a style perspective, my Adidas Ultra Boosts are probably the cutest if you ask me. So if a good, comfortable sneaker that’s also aesthetically pleasing is important to you, these would be a great option. Every time I put them on I’m like oh wow, these are so good! And very lightweight! Sometimes other sneakers feel a bit heavy on my feet – these do not. I tend to reach for these or the Oncloud pair for working out in addition to walks.

Outfit Details: Outdoor Voices Shorts // Back In Action Long-sleeve
brighton butler wearing new balance sneakers, athleisure look
brighton butler wearing nordstrom athleisure new balance sneakers

New Balance 940v4

New Balance sneakers are great everyday shoes. You can wear them for long periods of time without your feet starting to feel stiff, which is why I like to wear them on my longer walks. The support is there but unfortunately for a shorter period of time compared to other sneakers. I’d say I replace my New Balance sneakers every four or so months. I will say, though, that I’ve really loved this style. I’ve purchased of the 940v4 style a few different times now over the last 4 years.

adidas run swift sneakers, lululemon all yours tee, vuori joggers
Adidas swift run shoes

Adidas Swift Run Sneaker

I don’t really understand why this is called a running sneaker because, in my opinion, there is almost zero support in these shoes! I wear these more for lounging around or running errands – it’s more of a style shoe for me. I’ll sometimes wear them on walks, but if I’m going to be doing any kind of cardio I’ll grab another shoe for sure. I do love how they look though – they’re really cute!

Outfit Details: Vuori Joggers // All Yours Tee

OK, so that rounds out my top favorite pairs of sneakers. I definitely have other pairs I like but these are my go-to’s right now! What sneakers do y’all reach for on a daily basis for walking/working out?