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The Power of Learning to Accept a Compliment

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Like most women reading this post, I haven’t always been comfortable (slash GOOD) at taking a compliment. I don’t know if it’s part of being female, or if it’s a personality thing, but I suck at accepting nice words face-to-face.

Just the other day when leaving an industry event, the sweetest woman came up to me to shed some compliments. She was a reader of BTD (which BTW, is always soooo freaking cool when I meet a reader in real life), and was incredibly kind. She mentioned how she loves that I’m real and that I talk about my faith and just do my thing without trying to be anyone else. Which hello, is crazy kind! But like usual, I did something I like to call “dis-compliment” myself. I think I said something along the lines of “OMG no, you’re too nice, I’m not that good and I could do so much better.” Which is what I ALWAYS do.

After we ended our chat which I probably made very awkward and I was driving home, I entered the cycle that also always occurs after those situations. I beat myself up for not handling it correctly. I thought about what I should have said, how I should have just said thank you, etc. It’s like I turn something that should make my day into something that stresses me out! It’s kinda crazy if you think about it and I hope I’m not the only person who does this?

So, when Kopari reached out to me about being a part of their campaign about learning to accept compliments, it honestly couldn’t have come at a better time. Because not only do I think there’s power in being one of those people who can graciously but confidentially take a compliment, but I knew it was something I could work on.

With the Kopari campaign in mind, I stopped to think how I could handle a compliment in the future. After all, this person is going out on a limb themselves to come up and talk to me (basically a stranger), and it’s just SO nice. Instead of putting myself down and being self-deprecating, I should simply say “Thank you!”. It’s such a simple shift, but one that really took being conscious about to make a plan of sorts.

Obviously, I’m not the only one who gets compliments – and heck, I actually give them all the time. I’m the first person to tell a girl that I love her dress or hair or whatever, but for some reason, I’m just not good at receiving them. So, with Kopari’s message in mind and this simple plan (just say “Thank you!” without an ounce of self-deprecation), I urge you to try this next time someone is paying you a compliment. Let them know genuinely how it made you feel (it probably encouraged you or made your day, like it does mine!), and say thank you. That’s it! You’re not a bad person for accepting it, and it doesn’t make you cocky (which is how I always felt). It’s simply accepting something you’ve probably worked hard at doing, right? Right!

Speaking of Kopari and this campaign, I love that they’re backing such a powerful message with products that make women feel more confident. After all, confidence is something we’re all seeking, and it’s what can lead to accepting compliments in a humble way. Specifically, their line was built to not only provide in a toxin-free, simple, accessible way but to let women feel more like themselves without all this silly makeup on whatever. Of course, it’s fun to get dolled up, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing more powerful than feeling good in our skin and building our confidence through that.

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I’ve already shared my love for the Kopari deodorant, but now I’m really into their skincare products. They’ve seriously started to change my skin and I think I’ve been going makeup-free more often because of them. If you’re curious about some of my favorites, I’m LOVING their whole line of coconut-based skincare products.

Namely, the Rose Toner OMG. So good y’all! It’s an alcohol-free toner so it’s less drying than most, and the rose and lavender extracts work to sooth the skin – which, with my red nose issue, I’m always looking to do. Plus, it just softens and hydrates my skin SO well. I spritz this first thing in the a.m. under the rest of my product and basically whenever I need a boost. I also keep a mini bottle in my purse and use it throughout my day as a refresher! I’ve become pretty addicted to it!

Kopari Rose Toner

Started adding this toner into my skincare routine and I’m loving the results. My skin feels hydrated and fresh before I put on my makeup. I also like to spray it afterwards to set my makeup.

I top the toner with the Face Cream for incredible moisture, protecting my skin, and adding a little collagen boost (which I keep reading is GREAT for skin and I want to learn eve more about). I’ll link out to more of the products I’m obsessed with below though!

To see Kopari’s video behind this message of learning to accept a compliment with confidence (which again, I think is SO cool), you can watch it here.

What About You?

I’d love to hear from y’all on this post. Do you have the same issue with not being able to accept a compliment? Do you think you can learn from reading how I changed my thought pattern around it?

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I had y’all vote on whether or not I should keep these leggings via IG...

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