Beauty - February 16, 2018

The First Non-toxic Beauty Product That I’ve Loved

brighton keller Kopari natural deodorant
brighton keller Kopari natural deodorant wearing we over me active wear
brighton keller Kopari natural deodorant
brighton keller Kopari natural deodorant
brighton keller Kopari natural deodorant

As a somewhat beauty blogger, I’m actually pretty #embarrassed to say that I haven’t dabbled much in clean, non-toxic beauty products. It’s something that’s been on my radar for personal reasons, yet it’s taken me YEARS to really start learning about the dangers in our beauty products. I’m not trying to get all Teacher Brighton on y’all, but our standards in the beauty world haven’t actually been regulated for DECADES, and turns out, a lot of the ingredients in our products are extremely harmful. And there are SO many products out there that I’ve just used on auto-pilot because it’s what’s main stream – without researching what the ingredients are. Kinda scary!

For example, (and OK let me just nerd out here real quick – it’s interesting, promise!) do you even know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirants? If you check your product, you’re likely wearing an antiperspirant – which isn’t great news. The difference is, antiperspirants are built to clog and block your sweat glands/pores, and to essentially keep the toxins of your body in (the ones that make us sweat and smell bad). Antiperspirants are also usually made with aluminum – more not so great news. Not only are the toxins in your body getting stuck (they’re trying to release themselves via sweat, but we don’t let them), but aluminum has been linked to scary things like breast cancer and can even accumulate in your brain! UM WHAT?! Deodorants on the other hand, work to neutralize the smell, but actually still allow the toxins in your system (aka sweat) to release.

I’m not sure if I’ve shared this, but my mama is a breast cancer survivor. So on a personal note, getting antiperspirants and aluminum out of my life has been something on my mind for a while. I knew not all deodorants were non-toxic, but it wasn’t until recently that I finallyyyy made the decision to find a non-toxic version that was safe and effective.

Instead of my normal brand, I started trying Kopari’s New Coconut Deoderant – which is 100% plant derived and non-toxic. Like the name suggests, it’s a coconut-powered product, and the whole line is actually made from coconut. Plus, the deodorant contains no aluminum and is environmentally friendly! The smell is like a tropical vacation 24/7 LOL and who doesn’t want that?

The product was sent to me and I loved the packaging and how it smelled, so I was excited to give it a try. I will say, you do sweat a little – which takes getting used to. But when I thought of it as toxins legit escaping my body, I didn’t mind it as much. I just reapply when I feel like I need to, and you get used to the new sensation after a while. And it’s not like smelly sweat – it’s just moisture – so even if you feel it when working out, you won’t be that smelly girl at the gym lulz.

I still have a lot of substituting and learning to do with clean beauty, but I WILL say, I’m excited for this next safe step to non-toxic products. Now that I’m using a safer deodorant, I’ve already started playing with other Kopari products and I’m kinda LOVING them y’all. Maybe I’ll do a full post on my favorite Kopari products? Or a clean beauty pull? Like I said, a lot to learn still, but I’m excited to share with y’all as I do!

Speaking of Kopari specifically, I’ve actually been using their products for over a year now. I first heard of them when I purchased their organic coconut melt and I use it every day to take my makeup off! And then I got their lip balm as a gift when I went to Create + Cultivate conference in NYC last May and have kept a tube in my purse EVER since! I’m obsessed with it. And lastly, I also have their coconut rose toner and use it as a refresher throughout the day or during my morning skincare routine before putting on my makeup – it serves a whole bunch of purposes which I love!

If you’ve been hearing about the dangers of antiperspirant or see aluminum as an ingredient in your product, definitely try the Kopari Coconut Deo – I think you’ll like! Let me know how it goes and if you have any Kopari or clean products you currently use!

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