Skincare - January 25, 2019

5 Quick Tips for Anti-Aging Around the Eye

Y’all know that I’ve been trying to get better at skincare and slowly but surely I think I’m getting there! Some days I forget to do anything but throw on moisturizer or whatever, but some days, man some days I’m on it! The thing about skincare is that it’s kind of like working out. You really do see positive changes the more effort or time you put into the routine – and I always love something with instant gratification ya know?

I feel like I’ve got the face thing down for the most part (mainly thanks to Tula products that are hands. down. the best thing ever.), and lately I’ve been focusing on an area my mom has literally warned me about for years. The eye area! It’s an area you don’t really have to worry about until it’s almost too late (or so my mom has always said), so now that I’m starting to see those little crow’s feet and lines form, I’m trying to get my booty on it.

Y’all know I like to dip my toes before fulling committing to a routine, and to be honest, I need things to be #easy to keep it up. So I’ve been starting small and using a few really easy techniques that I wanted to share with y’all today! I’m sure I could be doing a lot more, but for now, this feels good!

Be gentle

Man, this is HARD for me. If y’all have ever seen me take off my eye makeup, you know I’m anything but gentle around this area. Whoooops! Apparently, that’s really bad. Not only can it cause more wrinkles, but it can inflame the skin that’s really sensitive around the eye. I’m working on not rubbing things off and instead, slightly pressing makeup remover or whatever I’m using, especially when taking off makeup.

Use Tula’s Multitasking Product

OK, my love for Tula is obvious, so when they came out with their new Glow & Get It Eye Balm, y’all know I was first in line to try it. And WHOA it’s good! Not like I’m that surprised honestly, but they kind of blow away when they come up with something new.

Instead of trying to figure out how many eye care products I need, I appreciate that the Tula Glow & Get It Eye Balm does it all at once. Seriously! It’s full of antixoidants which is great for aging and protecting the skin, has aloe, apple & watermelon to hydrate an area that’s always in need of moisture, and it has caffeine which can totally depuff and wake up the area! The caffeine is what I notice right away – it seriously makes me look like I got 12 hours of sleep even if I didn’t. And because it’s a stick, it’s freaking easy to apply. I actually keep one at my house and one in my purse and apply it whenever I need a little boost. I apply it everywhere that sunglasses cover (so not just under the eye – put some on your eyelid and around your eyebrow, too!).

UPDATE: I just got word that this product is SOLD OUT. Apparently, it was like 4x more popular than they anticipated and the demand has just blown through their inventory. I mean, honestly, I can see why. I love it! They’ll be restocking in March and in the meantime you can get on the waitlist! But also, have you tried any of their other eye products?!

Can’t beat this one y’all and if you want to try it or Tula products in general, use BRIGHTON at checkout for 20% off! Yay!

Don’t pull

This is another thing I’m working on and TBH haven’t accomplished yet, but I wanted to share with y’all. You know when you’re applying eye liner or even shadow and you pull the side of your eye? Welp, friends, that’s bad in terms of wrinkles. Plus, it can irritate the eye. If you’re really wanting to avoid further wrinkles, try not to pull!

Use a roller

I actually have a full post coming soon about rollers and what each type does, so I promise I’ll get that done soon! Jade rollers (the smaller side) are amazingggg for depuffing the area in a gentle way. Just roll out and up and you can even keep the roller in your freezer for about 30 minutes before using it for an extra bang. I like to do this after I apply my moisturizer and Tula’s Glow & Get It Eye Balm or eye cream for additional lymphatic drainage and to make sure products are really sinking in.

Drink lots of water

I know this tip isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s another one that you can see instant gratification from! If your eye area is looking especially dry or puffy, try drinking a ton of water that day. I bet by the time you wake up, you’ll notice the area looks smoother. Eating hydrating foods (think cucumber, celery, tomatoes, etc) can help big time, too!

OK y’all, those are my 5 tips – told ya they were quick and simple!

Do you have any to add? Are y’all noticing issues around the eye yet?