Style - April 9, 2020

Work From Home Outfit Inspo

Brighton Keller work from home inspiration

Hi all! I hope ya’ll are hanging in there! On Monday I shared one of my most-often-worn work from home outfits and ya’ll loved it. I’ve also received several requests over the last few weeks for some work from home outfit inspiration.

Below I’ve created a few outfits that I’ve had on repeat for the last several weeks. Most of these outfits can be made out of items in your closet. I’ve also linked all the exact items I’m wearing. All sizing info can also be found below. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Cardigan, T-Shirt, Leggings and Slip-Ons

This is a great option if you are conference calls with your team during the day. It’s very comfy but also semi-professional. I also LOVE this cardigan. I’ve worn it with jeans, leggings, skirts – definitely a go-to piece.

Outfit Details: Sophie Open-Front Sweater-Blazer (wearing size xs) // Ruched Back Tank (wearing size xs) // Live-In High Waist Pocket Crop Leggings (wearing size xs) // Gucci Slides (fits true to rise)

Jumpsuit & Sandals

I just received this jumpsuit from NADAAM and I cannot say enough good things! I usually have a hard time with jumpsuits – they never fit exactly right. But this one is PERFECT! And it’s beyond comfortable!

Brighton Keller wearing jumpsuit and slip on sandals
Outfit Details: Naadam Jumpsuit (wearing size xs) // Tamie Espadrille Slide Sandal (fits true to size)

Military Jacket, T-Shirt & Leggings

This is another option for those of you on conference calls. Its a put-together look that is still very comfortable! This jacket was part of my spring capsule this year. It’s one of my favorites.

Brighton Keller wearing green military jacket, stripe t-shirt and black leggings
Outfit Details: Dispatch Jacket (wearing size xxs) // Puff Sleeve Stripe T-Shirt (wearing size xs) // Live-In High Waist Pocket Crop Leggings (wearing size xs) // Gucci Slides (fits true to rise)

Midi Dress & Longline Cardigan

This is a great option to wear on a Friday – great for working all day AND for a Friday-night date night in.

Brighton Keller wearing black dress, longline cardigan and slip-ons
Outfit Details: Tank Dress With Side Slit Back (wearing size xs) // Calli Open Front Longline Cardigan (wearing size xs) // Gucci Slides (fits true to rise)

Chambray Shirt, Leggings, Headband & Sneakers

I’ve had this chambray shirt in my closet for YEARS. And it’s still a great basic. I added the headband for a pop of color – I think it completes the look.

Brighton Keller wearing chambray shirt, black leggings and white sneakers
Outfit Details: Everyday Chambray T-Shirt (wearing size xs) // Live-In High Waist Pocket Crop Leggings (wearing size xs) // Velvet Headband (set of three) // Rezza White Sneakers (fits true to size)

T-Shirt & Joggers

This has been a go-to outfit for me over the past few weeks. It’s just so dang comfy – plus it’s a great outfit for those tik-tok dances :)

Brighton Keller wearing joggers, white sneakers and white tee
Outfit Details: Boxy T-Shirt (wearing size xs) // Performance Joggers (wearing size xs) // Rezza White Sneakers (fits true to size)

T-Shirt Dress, Jean Jacket and White Sneakers

Another option that makes me feel like I “dressed up”. This outfit is easy to wear around the house – but I also feel put together when I wear it.

Brighton Keller wearing t-shirt dress with jean jacket
Outfit Details: Nadaam T-Shirt Dress (wearing size xs) // Oversized Denim Jacket (wearing size 2) // Rezza White Sneakers (fits true to size)

White Blazer, Camisole, Jeans, and Mules

Here is my suggestion for those of you on conference calls with your bosses and /or clients. Its comfy but still very professional.

Brighton Keller wearing jeans, pink top and white blazer
Outfit Details: Cotton-Linen Blazer (wearing size 0) // V-Neck Satin Camisole (wearing size xs) // Good Legs Skinny Jeans (wearing size 25) // Cory Mule (fits true to size)

Cardigan, Striped Tee & Leggings

This is another outfit that I’ve been wearing on repeat. This cardigan is great spring transition. It’s lightweight and a great neutral piece.

Brighton Keller wearing cardigan, striped tee and leggings
Outfit Details: Lightweight V-Neck Cardigan (wearing size xs) // Ruched Back Tank (wearing size xs) // Live-In High Waist Pocket Crop Leggings (wearing size xs)

Oversized Jean Jacket, T-Shirt, Leggings and Sneakers

Last but not least is this classic outfit. I had all of these items in my closet and I’m sure you do to.

Brighton Keller wearing black leggings, chambray top, grey tee and black sneakers
Outfit Details: Boxy T-Shirt (wearing size xs) // Live-In High Waist Pocket Crop Leggings (wearing size xs) // Oversized Denim Jacket (wearing size 2) // Rezza White Sneakers (fits true to size)


Which one was your favorite?!?