Where to Grab Wine with a View in Positano

Rose at Il San Pietro di Positano

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my absolute FAVORITE things to do in a new (or old) city is to visit the best and most talked-about hotels and restaurants (preferably with a view) for a glass of wine. Oftentimes these spots are ridiculously priced, so I’ll keep it at just a glass of vino (or possibly some appetizers), but if anything I just love seeing the view and checking out the grounds – it’s so fun for me!

After doing a little research on the interwebs, I could not for the life of me find any articles that talked specifically about WHERE to go for a quick (or long…) glass of wine with a view! In other words, I couldn’t find an article that was specifically dedicated to bar (or hotel) hopping, which is like the best new city pastime EVER, if you ask me! As such, I’ve decided to write my own little guide for the city of Positano. And maybe this will be something I start to do in each city I visit, since I’m already doing this anyway (although sometimes I’m only able to logistically visit one spot each trip, but even still!)

Rose and snacks at Il San Pietro di Positano

brighton keller at Il San Pietro di Positano

brighton keller at Il San Pietro di Positano terrace view

rose and appetizers at Il San Pietro di Positano

brighton keller at Il San Pietro di Positano wearing white jeans in June 2

brighton keller at Il San Pietro di Positano pink cold shoulder top and white jeans with tory burch wedges

brighton keller at Il San Pietro di Positano detail photo of tassel earrings

white tassel earrings on brighton keller at Il San Pietro di Positano

Outfit Details: Top // Jeans // Wedges // Earrings // Bag // Lip Gloss


brighton keller at Il San Pietro di Positano view of back of blush blouse

Best Spots to Grab a Glass of Wine in Positano

Without further adieu, let’s get to it! I’m going to share with you the best of the best spots to grab a glass of wine with a view in Positano! Please comment if you’ve been to any of these places or if you’d like to add any additional spots I might have missed. I’m starting the list with the hotel where the photos in this post were taken…

rose at Il San Pietro di Positano amalfi coast via brighton the day blog

1. Hotel Il San Pietro di Positano

This place is a little bit outside of Positano, but I’d argue that the views are WELL worth the 4 minute cab or shuttle ride. And when I say “a little bit outside”, I mean that it’s not a hop, skip, and a jump like everything else pretty much is in Positano. The good news though is that the hotel actually has a shuttle service that will come pick YOU up in the middle of town and bring you there (then they’ll bring you back after you’re finished!). So it’s really not an issue at all – just have your hotel concierge call and let them know and then they can tell you where the “pick up spot” is for the Il San Pietro Positano shuttle.

view from hotel le sirenuse champagne bar in positano // best places to grab a glass of wine with a view via brighton the day blog

ABOVE: View from Hotel Le Sirenuse Champagne Bar

2. Le Sirenuse Hotel Champagne Bar

This spot goes WITHOUT saying, as it’s literally “THE PLACE” to go and see when you’re visiting Positano – you’ll find everyone and anyone telling you about how amazing it is because it truly is such a dream. I think it’s maybe a little over-hyped as the only spectacular thing about it is the view, but there are PLENTY of beautiful views in Positano if you ask me! And just keep in mind, this will be the most expensive glass of wine or champagne that you’ll probs ever dink lol! But even still, it’s worth popping in!

3. Franco’s (part of Le Sirenuse)

Located next to Hotel Le Sirenuse close to the middle of town (aka at the bottom-ish of the hill), this spot is trendy and young with just-as-fabulous a view as the one at Le Sirenuse but with a little more of a hip vibe – there’s fun music playing! For the record, it’s actually part of the hotel but is solely a bar, rather than doubling as a restaurant and it’s just got an all around more fun atmosphere if you ask me!

4. Da Gabrisa Restaurant

Da Gabrisa is a cute little restaurant (attached to a hotel) located a little up the hill from the quote-on-quote main area of town. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key and intimate (with less crowds), then this is the place for you!

view from patio at da gabrisa positano

ABOVE: view from patio at Da Gabrisa positano

I would highly recommend this spot if you’ve got a few nights in Positano and can afford to explore past the extra trendy/touristy spots! This was one of the places recommended by my local cab driver who said the food was actually good here (which is saying a lot since the city is heavily dependent on tourism).

The view is going to be a little different than the typical views you’ll be seeing at spots near Le Sirenuse (you’re looking at the other side of the hill), but it’s still absolutely beautiful!

chardonnay at da gabrisa

ABOVE: Dinner at Restaurant Da Gabrisa in Positano // wearing baublebar statement earrings

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the best spots to grab a glass of wine (with a view!) in Positano

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  • Natali

    Oh my, some breathtaking views!!! Positano looks majestic and you’ve def. discovered the right spots. :)

    • Every square inch of Positano is beautiful! It’s hard to go wrong :)

      • Natali

        Oh yes, but I still think that you found the best of best spots. :)

  • Rach

    Thank you for this! Positano is on my list of places to see and this is so helpful when creating my itinerary. Everything there looks amazing!

  • Sara Kate Steadman

    So pretty!! I love your hair and earrings like that!

    Sara Kate Styling

    • aww thanks so much Sara Kate! yeah, this hotel is seriously SO pretty!!

  • This is such a good post idea, I would LOVE for you to keep doing this when you’re recapping trips. I love grabbing drinks at places when traveling, it’s such a good way to see more restaurants than you might otherwise be able to on a short trip!

    • okay yes ma’am, will do! hehe yeah, it’s such a fun (and quick!) way to explore a new city :)

  • What great shots you got. I love the earrings but they are sold out, I will get on the search for similar ones.

  • Sherry Brewer Homrich

    Thanks for all the tips. Nothing better than a chilled Rose with a View. I looked into booking La Sirenuse for our stay; it’s breathtaking and OH SO pricey. Now I need restaurant suggestions; I had heard that da Vicenzo & Mediterraneaneo were tasty. AND: about the shoe choices while on the Amalfi Coast (your photos show you in some very cute and high wedges)….you giggled at me when I asked if I could wear my high wedges. GIVE ME SHOE OPTIONS WOMAN!! <3 Keep up the fun blogging, insta, snaps and FB :)

    • lol yeah I wore wedges but only when I wasn’t walking far AT ALL! It’s really steep and there are lots of cobblestones and steps! So I would suggest comfy wedges, flatforms or flats!! And I’m hoping to finish up my “best of positano” post asap! gah! It’s just taking me forever ;/

      • Sherry Brewer Homrich

        ONE other question………what size shirt are you wearing in this post? (the buff colored one) THANKS :)

        • no worries! I’m wearing size XS!

          • Sherry Brewer Homrich

            THANKS :)

  • Alfredo Ciano

    Campania is My Land…

  • Mel Ana

    Great article, truly so helpful !! Do you have any recommendations for hotels ? I am between Villa Yiara (concerned with distance) and Residence Alcione.

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