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How To Wear White Jeans: 40+ Outfit Ideas

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FAQ: What to Wear With White Jeans

I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to BEST answer all your questions related to how to wear white jeans. I had a few different ideas on how to go about it but I ultimately decided that providing lots and lots of white jeans outfits (all in one place) would be the easiest and most beneficial way to address the topic for y’all. As such, I’ve gone through ALL my outfits with white jeans and am including several of them in this post to hopefully give you some inspiration for putting together your own white jeans outfits!

How to Wear White Jeans

Even though white is a color that goes with literally everything, it’s sometimes tricky to balance the starkness of white on bottom with the rest of your look. I definitely have some go-to color schemes and general outfits that I like best with white denim. When figuring out what to wear with white jeans, it’s important to consider the time of year (obvi), attire (work vs. play) and a number of other factors that will ultimately play a role in your overall look. If you ask me, you can wear just about anything with white jeans if you’re styling and accessorizing appropriately.

I’m a huge fan of mixing colors, textures, and prints up when it comes to putting outfits together with my white jeans. I think that everything from neutrals (black, tan, gray) to bright colors and prints work well, but it’s important too add more than just one color/texture/print to accessorize and “pull together” the look. First I’m going to talk about what types of shoes work with white jeans and then I’ll go into colors that work well with them!

What Kinds of shoes work well with white jeans?

A question I’ve gotten before is what types and colors of shoes work with white jeans. And honestly, it’s a pretty difficult question to answer because it really depends on a number of factors including what the cut is of your white jeans, the time of year, and the overall color scheme you’re going for. But in general, I think it’s safe to say that pretty much all styles and colors of shoes can work with white jeans if you style them correctly! But for the sake of actually answering the question, I wanted to address a few specific types/colors with you:

Wearing Black Shoes with White Jeans – Pairing black and dark-colored shoes with white jeans can be tricky, but it can be done if you balance it out with accessories (and not just a black top).

white jeans outfit, black riding boots, black blazer, striped turtleneck

white jeans outfit, black loafers, grey sweater, black valentino tote

Like I mentioned, it’s totally possible to wear black shoes with white jeans despite the stark contrast in color but I think it’s KEY to balance out that contrast with similar “weighty” or darker-colored aspects of the outfit. For instance, in the two looks above, I’ve got something else dark-colored to balance out the black on bottom. Specifically, with my black loafers, I’ve got a darker-colored grey sweater with a solid black handbag and then with my black riding boots I’m wearing a black and white striped turtleneck balanced out with a solid black blazer that levels out the contrast of the dark black riding boots on bottom. Hopefully that makes sense?

how to dress up white jeans

white jeans, black shoes, black tote, grey sweater

Neutral Shoes With White Jeans – Neutral shoes paired with white jeans are my personal favorite and what I gravitate towards most often – regardless of the season. While all neutral-styled shoe styles work well, I like to balance a lot of white jean outfits with some sort of heel since I personally have short legs. Here are a couple examples:

white jeans with neutral wedges

white jeans with nude patent leather wedges

Basically, if you were to consider all my outfits where I’m wearing white jeans, it’ll be pretty obvious fairly quickly that nude/tan wedges are my go-to shoe of choice to pair with my white jeans. I think I’m partial to them because the natural color elongates my legs. And like I mentioned before, white isn’t THE most flattering shade of denim, so I love adding length to my bottom half.

Sneakers with White Jeans – Sneakers are also a great way to make white jeans look sporty or more casual and a look that I frequent often. Below are two outfits I’ve worn recently where I’ve paired my white jeans with sneakers for a more casual, chic look for running around town or doing fun things like sailing.

white jeans and sneakers

white jeans with chambray and suede sneakers

What Colors Go Well With White Jeans?

In answering the questions what to wear with white jeans and how to wear white jeans, I think one of the best ways to provide value to YOU is by simply showing you past outfits with white jeans. As such, I’ve gone through several of my white jean outfits and organized them into general color groups that will hopefully speak to what works when it comes to putting together white jeans outfits and why.

Wear Your White Jeans With White for an All White, Monochromatic Look – If you can find the right color white top (aka one that’s similar in it’s starkness, then you should absolutely go for an all white monochromatic look; I especially love how this looks in summer time. It’s such a cute look and it’s really easy to accessorize with colorful accessories too to make a statement.

all white outfit with brown wedges

white jeans with white and a pop of color

white jeans and white tank all white outfit

white on white via brightontheday

Pair Your White Jeans with Neutrals for a Tone-on-Tone Look – Another one of my favorite ways to wear my white jeans year round is to pair them with similar neutral, off-white hues for a one-on-tone look. I think it creates SUCH a chic and stylish look that you can wear (literally!) year round. The key is mixing textures and shades of cream/off-white and then balancing it out with cognac or other strategically chosen accessories. Here are a few examples that might help to inspire:

hudson white jeans + toyshop camisole + halogen long cardigan + ivanka trump lace up sandals + long necklace + LV never full tote + karen walker super duper sunglasses

white jeans outfit, neutrals outfit, cognac wedges, neutrals outfit

I also love wearing some version of this look (wearing white jeans with other neutrals) during transitional months and even in winter time like I’ve done in these two outfits:

transitional fall look, spring outfit with white jeans, white jeans outfit, winter neutrals outfit, winter white outfit, wearing white after labor day, tone on tone outfit, white on white spring neutrals outfit

Winter White outfit with white jeans cream sweater chloe bag nude patent pumps

Pair Your white jeans with with Chambray – Wearing white jeans with chambray is probably one of my absolute favorite ways to wear them in summer and even into the Fall with my riding boots. I love how the blue of the chambray looks against the white and then I almost always pair some shade of brown or cognac with the outfit to tie it all together. Wearing chambray with your white jeans is also a fun take on the denim on denim look without going full on Canadian tuxedo!

off the shoulder chambray top, white jeans, statement gold earrings, cognac sandals

white jeans with chambray

sleeveless chambray top + silver coin boho statement necklace + cognac tote summer outfit

what to wear with white jeans - chambray button up , denim on denim look, summer outfit with chambray, white jeans and chambray

Wear Your White Jeans With Navy or Shades of Blue – Another way I love wearing my white jeans is pairing them with some shade of blue – whether it be dark navy or even pastel blue. I’ve found that wearing navy with white is similar to wearing black with white in that you have to balance out the look with accessories or different darker elements of the outfit so it’s not too heavy on top or bottom (in the case of wearing black shoes).

white jeans outfit, navy off the shoulder top, cork wedges, navy and white printed clutch

summer poncho over navy tank

White Skinny Jeans + Zara Crop Top + Silver Summer Cork Wedges + Blue Celine + shades of blue summer outfit 9

white jeans outfit, cobalt top, cobalt shoes, white jeans going out outfit

Wear Your White Jeans With Shades of Grey – You’ll see me pairing white and grey quite often these days as I love the subtlety of the two colors together how they complement each other so well. I especially love mixing grey with other pastel colors (like blush pink in this outfit!) or with a pop-of-color like I did with red in the outfit below.

Oversized Grey Sweater + Grey Scarf + White Jeans + Red Pumps 8

winter white jeans outfit, white jeans and grey sweater, white jeans and denim jacket, how to wear white jeans after labor day

Wearing White Jeans With a Black Top – Similarly to wearing black shoes with white jeans, if you’re going to wear a black top with white jeans then it’s important to balance out the look with shoes and accessories that are going to complement the overall outfit. I think the biggest thing to remember is that you’ll need at least one other color in your look to even out the heaviness of the black and help you balance out the look.

how to dress up a tee shirt, white jeans outfit, white jeans dressed up with black tee, white jeans with pointed toe pumps, white jeans and black tee outfit, valentino rockstud bag, casual laid back chic outfit, going out outfit, summer style, white jeans going out outfit


In the first outfit (on the left), I balanced out the black by making a statement with green heels and green earrings and finished the look with a black handbag. Hopefully you can see how the green sort of complements the black and makes it a little less of a stark contrast? I’ve also worn almost this exact look with grey jeans too if you’d think that’s more you’re style! And then in the second look, I balanced out the black top with color-coordinated shoes and handbag, which I think complement the black fairly well.

Wearing White Jeans With Black and White Prints – Another great way to wear your white jeans is with any sort of black and white print – you really can’t go wrong with this one and you’ll always be able to pull off a cute and stylish look. I love pairing brown with it but also think that sticking to only black and white works to (like I did in the second/right outfit!)

black and brown outfit - black and white polka dot shirt, white jeans, brown bag, brown wedges

white jeans outfit, rebecca minkoff printed black peplum top, black peep toe sling back booties, fall outfit idea

Pairing Your White Jeans With Blush or Other Pastel Colors – Wearing my white jeans with pastels has GOT to be one of my absolute favorite ways to wear my white jeans! Typically, I stick to wearing pastels with white jeans in the summer time, but I’ve been known to mix things up in the Fall and Winter as well – it really just depends on what I’ve got in my closet and if the colors work.

brighton keller at Il San Pietro di Positano pink cold shoulder top and white jeans with tory burch wedges

white skinny jeans, pastel blush pink shirt, rebecca minkoff love quilted bag, michael kors Josephine wedgtes

white jeans outfit, transitional outfit, white jeans and pastel pink blouse, silk button down blouse, denim jacket with white jeans, denim on denim, brown peep toe booties and white jenas

blush duster + grey sweater + white jeans + blush pumps +dior sunglasses

Blush Peplum Top and White Jeans5

white jeans outfit, white jeans after labor day outfit, winter white jeans outfit, pastel pink and and blue outfit, oversized blush pink sweater with white jeans and stilettos, casual chic outfit

white jeans outfit with blush pink sweater

white jeans with purple and white gingham top

Pair Your White Jeans With Stripes for a timeless look. I love wearing my white jeans during summer with navy stripes and a pop of red (with gold accessories!)  for a nautical look. And then you could also go for a classic look with black and white stripes paired with cognac leather or any other neutral-toned accents. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with white jeans and any sort of stripe!

white jeans outfit - black peep toe booties, black and white striped tee, olive green military jacket, transitional outfit idea, fall outfit idea

Brightontheday layering denim shirt with striped tee and white jeans

white jeans with blue and white striped top

white jeans with grey and white stripes

Wear Your White Jeans with Brights – And lastly, I love wearing my white jeans with solid, bright colors for more of a color-blocked look during the Summer months. Any time I have a vibrantly-colored top, my first instinct is to pair it with my white jeans for a starker (and brighter!) contrast of colors!

hot pink sleeveless top

white jeans outfit, yellow sleeveless top, colorful rebecca minkoff bag, organge topshop shoes 15 copy

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    Thanks for the consistently good posts. I know its probably a labor of love, but I am sure much time and effort goes into these. We appreciate it, Brighton.

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      at the moment, I just give my old clothes to my friends, room mates and sisters (I have two!). I’ll be sure to announce if I decide to start selling on any of the mentioned platforms! Thanks for stopping by Simone :) and happy to have you! AND thanks for the kind words :)

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