Beauty - July 28, 2021

Tula’s Filter Primer

Tula Face Filter Primer

If you follow me, then you *know* my obsession with Tula runs deep. Truthfully, there are several Tula products I can’t live without, but today’s post is dedicated to one of my ride-or-die items during Summer – their “Filter Primer“. It’s essentially the only product I wear on my skin these days except for when I really feel like getting dressed up, which has been rare for me lately! I’ve gotten so used to how my skin feels with just wearing this, that I can’t ever convince myself to put on a full face of foundation anymore.

What is Filter Primer?

Tula’s Face Filter is a tinted primer that’s both lightweight and moisturizing. Although I think the original intent was for it to be worn underneath your makeup (as a primer), I find myself using it more as a tinted moisturizer and skip my foundation – especially in the summertime. While I was pregnant and couldn’t be bothered with makeup, this was essentially all I used. I love the way it makes my skin look and appreciate how it blurs and evens out my skin tone, leaving me with an illuminating glow. I can’t rave about this product enough!

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A few reasons why I love Filter Primer:

  • lightweight formula makes it great for summer or when I don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup
  • moisturizing and an easy-to-apply consistency that blends well
  • buildable color that gives my skin a glowy, natural finish
  • mixes well with my SPF
  • doesn’t clog my pores (it’s non-comedogenic)
  • stays on all day for me, but doesn’t rub off on my clothes in my experience
  • clean and effective ingredients
Tula Face Filter

In the image above, I’m wearing just the filter primer with some concealer and liquid bronzer on my cheeks. If you missed it, I posted this no-makeup-makeup look reel here (finished look shown above) and linked the products I used here!

NEW: Additional Shades for Filter Primer

I know a few of you who tried the primer when they first launched it said that it didn’t work for your skin – especially those of you that had a lighter skin tone. But they’ve recently revamped the primer to have multiple shades to match a wider range of skin tones. The primer now comes in 5 different varieties including one that’s non-tinted.

tula primer shades

If you’re like me and loved the original shade of the primer, then you’ll like the “sunrise” shade in the new lineup – it’s essentially the old one with a new name. They also created a non-tinted one (called first light) if you love the formula but don’t want the color.

tula primer shade chart

If you’re not sure which shade you are, be sure to check out the shade chart above!