Shopping - April 2, 2020

Things Duncan and I Have Been Using During Quarantine

Since I’ve been spending even more time around the house lately, I’ve been getting a few questions about the things D and I use constantly on a daily basis. I wanted to group everything together to make it easier for y’all if you’re looking for a link so I gathered the items I’ve gotten asked about most in the last few weeks (plus a few items I feel like y’all just NEED to know about)! A few of the items I wanted to explain/expand on a bit and share how Duncan and I use them/why we love them. Hope this is helpful and makes this time at home a bit easier!

Long USB charging cable – I’ve been on my phone a bit more or using it to play music, follow a workout, or read a recipe. As such, I feel like my phone is always charging and this super long cable has come in handy!

Anker portable charger – Speaking of keeping my phone charged, this portable charger is literally THE BEST thing ever. I’m pretty possessive about it because I rely on it so much! I make sure to charge it most nights so that I can juice up my phone halfway through the day once it starts to die. My phone charges so much faster with this than a regular charge.

China Gel – I can’t believe I haven’t shared this with y’all before because we’ve been using it for about 6 months. I first discovered it when I went to a yoga class when I first moved here and the instructor used it on me at the end of the class and I was like, “OMG what is this magical stuff?” Anyway, we are now on our 3rd bottle. It’s basically a fancy version of icy hot, but it’s so lovely to put on sore muscles while watching TV or before going to sleep – it’s so relaxing and feels awesome!

Bose speaker – Duncan actually got this for me before my bachelorette in January, but we didn’t start using it until quarantine. Duncan uses it for his outdoor workouts and I’ve been using it to play music in rooms where I don’t have an Alexa. It’s so great that it’s portable and the sound is AMAZING!

Acrylic Bed Tray – I’ve been using this to switch things up and work on the couch. I find that having the lap desk helps me stay focused and also helps me have better posture. I’m able to sit for hours at a time if I put my computer on this. I also use it for when I have my quiet time and journal on the couch. It’s SO Great!

Acrylic Folding Table – We are HUGE fans of these trays. I got these for Duncan when I started cooking more so that we could watch TV and eat our meals in the living room. We love to put on whatever show we’re watching while eating dinner and we literally use these trays every single day! They also make a great makeshift side table!

Hydroflask + Lid with a straw – I mean it when I say that I really suck at drinking water. Like, I’m the worst. And oftentimes, I’d only use the restroom once throughout the day – TMI? Well anyway, ever since I got this water bottle, it has CHANGED THE GAME for me! I know that sounds weird? But it really helped me! I also love the color of it, which helps. I think the key for me was getting the lid with the straw so it’s easier to drink. And then I got the little silicone base on Amazon so it didn’t make such a loud noise when I set it down. You NEED this water bottle – and I feel like I never say that!

Ratio Coffee Maker – If you’ve been watching my IG stories, then you might have seen that Duncan is quite the coffee lover. I got him this as our wedding gift and he’s OBSESSED with it! It’s an investment, but it apparently is able to make better coffee than other methods – or rather, it’s able to pull out certain tones in coffee beans that other makers can’t do.

Apple Watch – We’ve been more in tune with our move goal each day during this quarantine since we’ve had more time sitting still. It’s been fun to challenge each other every day to “close our rings” and a few times we’ve gone on a little pre-dinner walk to close them out for the day! It has just been a little way to move more and be held accountable.