Beauty - May 11, 2018

The Makeup Routine I Rarely Leave the House Without

Even though we talk a lot about beauty on BTD and I’m a Southern girl who loves to get all dolled up on occasion, honestly, I’m pretty low maintenance with my routine. Rarely am I into something that takes more than 20 minutes or makes me look unnatural. I’m much more into easy, effortless beauty routines or products. Because as you probably know, I’m constantly running 20 minutes behind, ha!

Unless I have an event or a photoshoot (which I’ll do a full face for), I basically just set my face. What I mean by that is covering up my skin issues (RED NOSE #UGH) and imperfections. I’m not the girl who is wearing lipstick or even mascara every day, I just don’t have the energy for that. Instead, I basically take care of my complexion and then feel decent enough to run errands, workout, whatever. And yes, I know that a lot of people will say “just go natural,” but I’m gonna be honest and say I usually feel more confident with at least a little coverage. Key word, little. I’m all about light, airy products on my face for these days. Ones that definitely make my face look even, clear, and filtered – but without it being obvious that I have makeup on. You know what I mean right?

For those days and that routine, lately I’ve been OBSESSED with the new Veil Mineral Collection from Hourglass. I’ve actually been using Hourglass for years and years, but this new line is my current fave. It’s that perfect “you have makeup on but you can’t really tell” look, which is the vibe I’m going for most days.

Since I get a lot of questions about how I do my makeup on the regular, I wanted to share these three products that I’ve been using non-stop. They’re all from the Veil Mineral Collection and they’re all freaking amazing.It’s literally 3 steps and I’m out the door #necessary.


The primer life is somewhat new to me, but I’m ALL about it now. Especially because the Veil Mineral Primer targets redness which is my main issue around my nose and center of my face. I’ve also learned that primers not only help foundation (or any makeup) stay on, but they minimize pores like WOAH. Seriously! If you haven’t used a primer before, try it on one side of your face and then compare it to the other. You’ll notice such a difference in pores size – at least I do. The Veil Mineral Primer also has SPF 15 which is great because I’m usually outdoors on these light-makeup days. One less step!


I wish I was one of those girls who didn’t need foundation, but y’all, I’m just not. I love me some foundation, as long as it’s not heavy and it helps to cover redness. Again with Hourglass, I love love love the Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. It’s SO cool because it’s legit a stick, so it’s beyond easy to apply. I also appreciate that I can kinda get into the crevices of my nose or wherever I need the product. It’s very light but still gives really good coverage – plus it lasts all day which again, #necessary.

Setting Powder

OK and for maybe my favorite step (which by the way, I do whether I’m wearing barely any makeup like this or a full face), is a setting powder. I get shiny VERY easily, so I’m all about setting my makeup before leaving the house. The Veil Translucent Setting Powder from Hourglass is my go-to because it works in a natural way. Some setting powders leave me looking too pale and old honestly, and this one doesn’t. The powder actually has light-reflecting particles which I think is SO COOL, but it’s what helps to give that natural finish all while leaving things smooth. Helps with pore size and wrinkles too, and just makes me look more awake! Plus, it keeps everything in place and my shine at bay. Sooo good.

OK and that’s it y’all! It’s literally 3 steps and takes me no more than a few minutes. If you ever see me on Insta Stories and I don’t have a lot of makeup on but my skin looks decent, it’s because of these products.

Do you have a routine for on-the-go days? Have you tried Hourglass or these products?