Amazon - February 24, 2022

The Amazon Jewelry I Can’t Stop Wearing

Brighton Butler Amazon Jewelry Review

Y’all know I love a good jewelry moment, and I think investing in some meaningful pieces at a higher price point can be really special. For years, I wore the diamond necklace my mom custom-designed for both my sister and me when we turned 18, and now I wear the diamond necklace that Duncan had made for me when Four was born every day.

But just because I’ve got my staples doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy switching things up every now and then. Whenever it comes to incorporating new pieces into my jewelry collection, I love to find budget-friendly jewelry as often as possible.

Lately, I’ve been really into experimenting with tennis necklaces and bracelets and all things gold. I honestly don’t think I ever realized how GOOD the jewelry on Amazon is, but I recently went on a hunt for a few pieces to spice up my collection and was blown away at their selection.

I can’t get over this tennis necklace and tennis bracelet combo. I love how they look layered with some of these gold pieces, but I also think they’re beautiful worn alone. I’ve actually had this tennis bracelet for over a year now and it’s held up REALLY well (I mean I’ve worn it while chasing around a baby…). For the price, I’m amazed at how durable it’s been.

The paperclip chain necklace and paperclip chain bracelet is another pair I can’t get enough of. I ordered my preferred length (16 inches) for this necklace so I could layer it with longer necklaces.

We also have to talk about this emerald-cut band ring. I am all about a good statement ring and this one is no exception. It’d be perfect to wear to a cocktail dinner or other black-tie event where you only need a few bold pieces.

I’ve linked all of my favorite Amazon jewelry pieces below. You will not regret getting any of these — they’re perfect for adding into the rotation and won’t cost much either. Seriously so good!


Necklaces: Tennis Necklace (18in) //  Flat Chain (adjustable) // Paperclip Chain (16in)

Bracelets: Pack of 5 Ball Bracelets // Tennis Bracelet (6.5in) // Paperclip Chain (adjustable) // Gold Oval

Rings: Emerald Cut Band (size 7)

Earrings: Chunky Gold Hoops

Brighton Butler Amazon Jewelry Review
Brighton Butler Amazon Jewelry Review