Life - February 22, 2022

My Favorite Restaurants in Aspen

steak house no. 316 aspen

I’ve been going to Aspen since I was a kid with my family and now with Duncan and Four, so I’ve definitely come to learn which restaurants are great in the cozy ski town. Even though Aspen is considered a “small town,” it actually has some really great places to eat and shop. Downtown Aspen is one of my favorite places ever!

Through the years, I’ve seen some shops and restaurants come and go, but there are a ton that have been around for quite a while and a few others that are new but really great so far. Since we’re in the middle of ski season and a lot of you have mentioned you’ve got trips planned to Aspen, I figured this was a good time to sit down and write out my favorite restaurants in the town.


This spot is located right on Main Street in Aspen and has the best pizza ever. We’ve been going here for years, and I have to say — there is no pizza that tastes better than the pizza you have after a long day skiing. It’s truly THE BEST. I love their margherita pizza. They’ve also got great pasta dishes if that’s more what you’re craving.

White House Tavern

Maybe the cutest little spot I’ve ever seen. Because they’re so small, you can’t make reservations here, so I recommend either going for lunch or getting there early to avoid the post-ski run crowd. They’ve also got open seating at the bar if you can snag a spot there. I love the cocktails here, and they’ve got great sandwiches, fries, and snacks like deviled eggs and their famous trout dip. Seriously, everything I’ve had here is so good!

french alpine bistro aspen co

French Alpine Bistro

As you may have guessed by the name, this restaurant serves French food. You can eat here for both lunch and dinner, and I love that they change out their menu seasonally, so you always feel like you’re eating the freshest food. In my opinion, they’ve got the best seafood dishes in Aspen! I’ve gotten the sea bass and the scallops and both were amazing. Although I’ve never actually tried it myself, I’ve also heard great things about their cheese fondue.


Whenever we’re craving sushi, this is always our stop. I’d recommend making a reservation here because it can get crowded pretty early. If sushi’s not your thing, they’ve also got a great entree menu with various pan-Asian cuisine. However, I’m a sushi lover, so I always opt for either a classic Rainbow Roll or the Dynamo Roll if I’m craving something spicy.

Catch Steak

This is actually the newest spot on the list. They’ve got locations all throughout the U.S. though (New York, Vegas, LA, etc.). Catch is usually our go-to for nice dinners. I’m obsessed with their 8-ounce truffle filet, although they’re super well known for their Japanese Wagyu dishes too (I’ve never tried these, but they interest me!). You HAVE to get their creamed spinach if you go — it’s to-die-for.

Steak House No. 316

Duncan and I call this our “fancy dinner spot.” We try to visit it at least once each time we’re in Aspen! Think of it as your standard steakhouse with really good steaks. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but the prime filet is seriously dream-worthy. If you’re wanting something lighter, their Lulu’s Kale Salad is delicious too.

Woody Creek Tavern

You’ve got to go a bit outside of town for this spot, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion. It’s the ultimate tavern/bar — perfect for the nights you don’t feel like getting all dressed up. Their spicy margarita is actually one of the best I’ve ever tried! Usually, when I come here, I get a burger and fries. They do have daily specials though, so sometimes I’ll try that depending on what it is.


There are two locations of Clark’s: Aspen and Austin. So cool! This is a little oyster bar nestled right in downtown. We actually love going here for their happy hour, which lasts until 5 pm, but they’ve also got a great lunch and dinner menu too. As you probably assumed, their specialty is oysters; however, I’ve tried their Crab Louie salad and the shrimp scampi, and both were great. Oh, also, their key lime tart pie is AMAZING.

betula aspen co


We love the outdoor seating area at Betula’s when it’s nice out! This is another French spot that serves some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted! Their appetizers are all great, and anything I’ve ever tried on the menu has always been incredible. I always tell Duncan that this place is like an experience versus just a meal. It’s so cozy inside! Definitely recommend making reservations if you’re planning to check it out.


This spot has been here since I first started going to Aspen and is one of our favorite places to go for a quick lunch. Even though they specialize in Italian food, I love their Chinese Chicken Salad (seriously, SO GOOD). Of course, their pizza and pasta are great too. It’s perfect for carbo-loading for a big day on the slopes. ;)

Okay I know that was a lot but hopefully, you can use this post as a reference whenever you’re in Aspen and looking for a place to eat. If there’s any place I forgot that’s great, let me know in the comments!