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Living Room Update:: The Sectional Is Here!

So excited to FINALLY be sitting down to write this post and give y’all another living room update! The last time we talked about my living room progress, we were dealing with a space-shuttle-UFO-looking light fixture thing, but we’ve moved on from that and are back to having zero light fixture. BUT I have good news.

If you haven’t already seen from peeking at the photos, I FINALLY GOT MY NEW COUCH.

Cue major, crazy-pants happy dance. I’ve been in interior-decor bliss this past week as I’ve gotten to stare at, drool over, and enjoy my brand new couch. And I’ve got to say, it is well worth the wait! And quite frankly, the investment too!

brightontheday new house living room update
brightontheday new house living room update

The Sectional

I had the sectional custom made by Gabby Home after seeing it first hand at the design center here in Dallas. The one in the showroom looked completely different – it was a different material, color, and had trim and nail heads on the ends, and I knew I wanted to go a little different. I picked out my color (knew I wanted something super light – while I can w/o kids!) and had mine custom made. The couch is literally the deepest set couch I’ve ever seen in real life, but that’s exactly what I wanted. Words cannot describe how much I love it actually! What do YOU think?!

At the beginning, I was going back and forth between getting two sofas or committing to a sectional, and I’m so glad I went with a sectional because I love how it fills the room. We picked out the pillow fabrics ages ago and I think they work perfectly with the sofa upholstery. Don’t you?! I’ve got one more upholstered item I’m waiting on now – a club chair – and I can’t wait for things to start really coming together once it comes AND I have the drapes installed too.

brightontheday new house living room update
brightontheday new house living room details coffee table
brightontheday new house living room update fire place floating book shelves

Built-ins & Shelving & Entertainment

I love this part of the house. Well actually, I just love this entire room in the house. It’s where we all hang out and it’s totally open to the kitchen, which is really nice for entertaining and when we’re doing our after-work stuff in the evening. I think some people might want to put a beautiful piece of art above the fireplace, but I knew from the moment I moved in that I wanted to mount* a big ‘ole TV for watching movies and TV shoes with friends (and roomies!). And now that I finally have my couch, I can’t wait to have our first movie night in the room this weekend (praise hands!).

The paint color on the cabinets is Chelsea Grey by Sherwin Williams and I got the hardware from Westside Kitchen & Bath in Dallas (it’s the same stuff that it’s my kitchen). I had the shelves added to in order to add a little extra decor to the room since I knew I wasn’t going to put art (or a TV) there. I’m also thinking about either painting or putting grasscloth on those walls (above the cabinets) for a subtle accent color. I’m still playing around with the idea though.

Also, about the shelves, I’m NOT DONE styling these. To be honest, I sort of hate how they look right now. But I”m taking this part super slowly and finding things I like as I go – as far as decor goes. OH AND ALSO, I’m looking for the perfect prints or photograph to frame and mount in FRONT of the book shelves for some layering – I LOVE that look and think it will add a nice touch!

*FYI:: for those of you who live in Dallas, I highly recommend Madison Home Theatre. I worked directly with the owner, Scott, and he did an AMAZING job. They did all my home audio stuff – literally, picked out both my TVs (went and handled it – I didn’t have to move a finger or even go to the store ha!), came over and set them up and did everything for me. The customer service was also SPOT ON. I think one of his guys came to my house at least once a week for 5 weeks to make sure my sound bar was working perfectly (I had some issues at first because of our wifi signal). 

brightontheday new house living room update
brightontheday living room update
brightontheday new house living room update leopard x benches
brightontheday new house living room update

Leopard X-Benches

I got these leopard x-benches made by one of my FAVORITE Etsy shops – Liven Up Design. I’ve been working with this shop for years and they’ve made a few things for me. Remember my palm print ones from my old room in my last house? She made those as well. And if you’ve seen my bedroom in any of my snaps/stories, then you might have seen the bench I have at the foot of my bed – she made that as well! I love all her stuff!

The Area Rug

The rug was one of the first things I got for this room. I liked it at first. But to be honest, I don’t really love how it goes with the rest of the room and I’m actually thinking about selling it. Let me know if you’re interested (and live in Dallas). It’s 10×14 and called “ZULU”.

If I get another rug, I’m thinking I want something oriental and with a little more of a pattern – I’m thinking light grey, faded oriental or something? But I’m not really in a rush – also open to suggestions. I definitely need something as big as this one though because I think the size is perfect!

The Side Tables

I am BEYOND obsessed with the burl wood side table on the right-hand-size of the couch. I mean, is it not just the MOST beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?! It really warms up the rooms and adds a different vibe against the velvet sofa. The wood side table is by one of my FAVORITE home interiors brands, Palecek – Their stuff is incredible! The other side table is from my bedroom in my old house – it’s from West Elm. I’m thinking about getting an acrylic one to replace it, but I’m not really in a rush. The white and gold hexagon lamp is from Society Social and was in my old bedroom as well if you remember.

brightontheday new house living room update
brightontheday new house living room update
brightontheday new house living room update coffee table decor

The Coffee Table

It took me FOREVER to figure out a coffee table,, but I’m so glad I was relentless about it because I ABSOLUTELY adore this one. It’s by Worlds Away and is the perfect size for my space! I also love that it has two levels so I can showcase more decor + Details!

Python Trey // Gold Zebra Trey // Diptyque Baies Candle // Eat Beautiful Book // Glamorous Rooms Book // Domino Mag Book // World Away Coffee Table

brighton keller new house living room oriental hand painted triptyich
brightontheday new house living room update
brighton keller new house living room oriental hand painted triptyich

The Blank Wall

So now let’s talk about behind the couch. There’s this HUGE blank wall that I’ve been excited about for quite some time. I’ve known it was going to live behind the couch, so I wanted something statement-y to be there. I was going to do floor-to-ceiling hand-painted panels in this pretty neutral gray color (which would be crazy expensive) OR was considering saving money and framing a “printed” (rather than hand-painted) mural that looked like this (which I’m still obsessed with actually).

But THEN I stumbled upon these blue hand-painted triptyich ones from Front Gate and FELL in love with everything about them. And then Lisel and I held them up and felt like they were meant to be in this room. I love how the blue adds another hue and ANCHORS the entire living space. Now I’m just thinking I need to tie in the blue somewhere else in the room to make it all “work”.

What’s Next?

I feel like I still have lots I want to do, but I think that’s just part of the process right? So I thought it might be fun to share everything else I’m thinking about slash have planned. Here are my thoughts::

  • Swapping the Rug – Thinking I want a new rug, which I talked about above. But first I need to sell this one, which I haven’t tried very hard to do yet. Let me know if you’re interested. I paid $2,400 and am selling it for a discount (but it’s new so not a huge discount). It’s 10×14.
  • Finding a light fixture – you all read about my the last one I tried and that didn’t work. Now I’m on the hunt for a new one. I haven’t even really had time to look yet – I’ll get to it eventually. Any ideas?
  • Drapes – I’m waiting to invest in this because drapes are SO expensive, but I’m 100% going to do blush pink panels and I literally can’t wait because I KNOW they will make the room feel more put together.
  • Console for back wall – That chest of drawers is NOT STAYING. It’s just there because I don’t have men on hand to move things when I change my mind (lol – wouldn’t that be nice though??). I’m thinking I want something clear and light (and long obviously) to go along that back wall.
  • Lamps for console on back wall – I want to put 2 matchings lamps on either side of the console that compliment the hand-painted panels well.
  • Book Shelf Decor – Still looking for all the perfect pieces for this PLUS I’m thinking about maybe doing an accent back wall color/paper AND adding a frame to the FRONT of the bookshelves.
  • Side table – To replace the one from West Elm. It’s just not my favorite and I really think something acrylic would look cool and add another texture to the room.
  • Floor lamp – To add some height
  • Additional chair – Waiting on this from Lee Furniture. I got it in a light pink velvet and cannot wait for it to come already!

I think that’s it?! I’m loving this process y’all and love sharing it! Can’t wait to hear what you have to say after I post this!