Recipes - June 3, 2022

Summer Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes

Is there anything better than a fruity cocktail on a summer evening!? It’s truly one of my favorite simple pleasures. This summer, I’ll be sticking to mocktails, but I have found some great recipes that I’m excited to try.

Recently, I shared some of my tips for outdoor hosting during the summer, but I felt like a full blog post dedicated to cocktail and mocktail recipes was a must as well. Whether you’re hosting an event soon or just looking for a fun and fruity drink to sip this summer, I’ve got you covered.


brighton butler cocktail recipes

Bon Appétit

Ahh the margarita. It may be the drink I miss the most this pregnancy. Texas is notorious for its Tex Mex, and there is nothing better than a delicious dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant with a frozen margarita. Heaven! This recipe looks great and would be so easy to make at home if you’re grilling fajitas or even enjoying a non-Mexican food meal.

Rosé Spritzer

brighton butler cocktail recipes

A Couple Cooks

I could drink rosé every night, I swear. I love how fruity and flavorful it is! It’s also perfect for summer. And if you’ve never tried a wine spritzer before, this is a must! It’s basically a sparkling version of your favorite wine (you add soda water to give it some fizz). I compare it to a more delicious take on your favorite sparkling water drink!

Pineapple Ginger Mojito

brighton butler cocktail recipes


I’ve never tried a pineapple mojito before, but this recipe looked too good not to share. I love the classic lime mojito, especially because of the mint, but I feel like this flavor is even better for summer. Plus, it includes mint and ginger, which are both so refreshing in my opinion.

Blackberry Lemonade

brighton butler cocktail recipes

This Vivacious Life

Since I’ll be sticking to mocktails this summer, I wanted to find a couple that I could add to the rotation. This pregnancy, I’ve been on a big blackberry kick, so this drink called my name for sure! The recipe itself looks super simple to make, and the end result seems like it would be really refreshing on a warm day!

Orange Mint Mocktail

brighton butler cocktail recipes

Pepper Delight

This is basically a mimosa without the champagne, but with a twist! Between the oranges, lemons, mint, and all the fizziness from the soda, this would be perfect for a brunch if you’re pregnant or just don’t want to drink so early. This would totally keep me from feeling like I’m missing out if everyone was enjoying a mimosa at brunch!