How To Wear - May 12, 2019

Striped Tee 7 Ways

Back again with another round of outfit ideas – this week all centered around one item…my favorite striped tee! A basic striped tee is such a key staple in my personal wardrobe so I wanted to share how easy it is to style in so many different ways, from comfy casual to business savvy I am sharing 7 different ways to put together an outfit with this one important piece!

An important detail and option to display your personal style is the width of stripes on your tee. You can choose from wide width to mid width to teeny tiny stripes – it changes up the look alot! I also think that having a long sleeve and short sleeve option will set you up for outfit success in the future. One last detail about your striped tee is the fit – choosing a moderately loose fitting tee will help when you go to knot or front tuck, so choose one that is not too baggy or too skin tight, this one is my personal fave (as well as the one I styled for these looks)!

Denim Shorts + Army Jacket + Wedges

Striped Tee // Green Army Jacket // Distressed Denim Shorts // Tan Wedges // Tan Bag

This look is perfect for spring or summer (you can easily take the jacket off and just go with the tee) and I love adding a wedge with shorts because it elongates your leg – which I need being short and all, ha! I love the tan, green and black color pairing so this look is right up my alley. Change up the look by adding different wedges or different short styles (distressed, dark wash, cuffed) and make it your own!

Leggings + Bomber Jacket

Striped Tee // Pink Bomber Jacket // Leggings // Pink Striped Sneakers // Backpack

This was honestly one of my favorite looks because y’all know I LIVE in leggings. I love how put together this look is even with it being so casual, I am also obsessed with the color of this bomber jacket! Pairing a pop of color like pink or orange or light blue makes this all black and white look instantly more fun.


Over Top a Midi Dress

Striped Tee // Midi Dress (similar linked) // Straw Bag // Tan Espadrille Slides

Gotta admit that I was a bit skeptical of this outfit, but once all the elements came together I was in love! I love the idea of totally repurposing a dress into a skirt. Basically, all you do is find a solid color dress that has a fitted waist and preferably straps and not sleeves, and throw the striped tee on over it and knot it! So easy, fun and a great way to rewear a dress that you haven’t worn in a while! I added my favorite casual heeled slides to amp up the look and of course, one of my favorite straw bags as of late!


Light Wash Jeans + Blazer + Pop of Color

Striped Tee // Light Wash Jeans // Blazer // Magenta Slide // White Bag (similar linked)

I swear I can’t get away from these shoes! They are just so perfect for so many different looks. I would totally wear this to a business meeting (I know, you have to work in a casual setting for jeans to be appropriate – but I’m just saying) or lunch with a friend or even just around town on a weekend! The oversized look of the blazer makes the look a little more trendy and casual and the pop of color from the shoe just adds so much pizazz!


Midi Skirt + Sneakers + Pop of Color

Striped Tee // Pleated Skirt // Golden  Goose Sneaker (similar here) // Pink Crossbody (similar linked) // Statement Sunnies

Now this look is my FAVORITE! I love a midi skirt and this one is so easy to style so many different ways with different accessories so I added a pink crossbody that I have had for years. I wanted to keep the statement pieces coming so I went with my glitter sneakers (so disappointed they are sold out, linked similar) and my rhinestone studded sunglasses to complete this look. A tip for doing three statement pieces is to pair items that are not TOO over the top. For instance, the bag is small so it doesn’t overpower the look. The rhinestones on the sunglasses are kind of hidden, so they aren’t in your face. And the shoes are basically a neutral because they are grey in color. So it all kind of works – do you get what I’m saying?


Work Pants + Trench Coat

Striped Tee // Black Pants // Trenchcoat // Black Pumps

These next two looks are kind of a two-for-one because my idea was that you would take this first look and wear it to work and then change into the next look for happy hour or a date or drinks or something fun! I think pairing a super basic trench with black pumps and the best work bag is such a no-brainer look! Then…throw the next three items in your car to change after work and you are good to go!


Black Pants + Oversized Denim Jacket

Striped Tee // Oversized Denim Jacket // White Heels // Yellow Headband // Sunnies

Last but not least – also one of my favorite looks! I have been trying to style this oversized denim jacket for weeks and finally have pulled together a look worthy of showing y’all! I love how effortless this look is and how fun the yellow headband and white shoes make this outfit! You can play around with the color of the headband (like a floral pattern or polka dots!) and the color of your heels to show your personal style.