Strive for Progress not Perfection

strive for progress

Strive for progress not perfection – such a simple and encouraging reminder to celebrate small victories and acknowledge that perfection is in fact the enemy. Or at least I think so.

And for me personally, it’s not that I necessarily strive for perfection (I don’t have the patience for perfection – never have), but I definitely have this sort of tunnel-vision, unhealthy mentality of more-is-more-and-so-I’ll-just-keep-going. And then I end up putting things by the wayside that I should actually be putting first – yet those things typically don’t have deadlines.

It’s like final exams. You know, that time in our lives where it’s completely acceptable to live our days with one purpose – to get through the exam and THEN we can do A,B,C,etc.  Too bad real life doesn’t work like that, although it sure does feel that way at times.

When approaching my days/goals, I shouldn’t be asking myself what all CAN I get done (because…yeah, there’s always more I could do and I know that I’m capable of doing it); but instead, I should ask myself, what all do I need/want to get done?.  And then leave it at that. Then unplug.

Do I sound like a crazy-type-A-over-achiever or what? But even still, who can relate?!



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    Christina Storm
    October 7, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Totally needed to hear this today! Thank you!

    The Style Storm

    <3, Christina

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    Rebecca @ Hello Creative Blog
    October 7, 2014 at 9:17 am

    I can TOTALLY relate. I always think that I can do things bigger/better then over analyze and stress it. Thanks for this great reminder!

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