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Saturday Morning Breakfast In Bed

saturday morning breakfast in bed

Saturday Mornings with My Roomies

From the moment I heard about Splendid’s mission to #spreadsoftness, I wanted in! It’s SUCH a brilliant idea and creates a fun and different way to get their community involved with the brand and talking about things that matter.

When thinking of the “softest” moments in my life and ways that I “spread softness” on a daily basis, a few things come to mind. There are of course the obvious and “big” things like family time, holidays and date nights that come to mind, but let’s dig a little deeper and take a step back. I want to focus on more of the every day moments – like Netflix and wine nights with girlfriends, paying for the stranger’s coffee at Starbucks, and writing a thank you note to the garbage dudes. I think THESE (less cliche and often less celebrated moments) are sometimes the foundation that’s keeping our hearts full of joy whether we realize it or not.

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And for me personally, I think some of my sweetest (less “big” or monumental) moments are the ones I’ve shared living and just straight up doing life with my roomies in Dallas – Katie and Erin. I think our twenties are SUCH an important and special gift and singleness (aka not being married) is such an underrated blessing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all FOR marriage and hope to have a husband one day, but I genuinely love where I am right now and am cherishing every new week I get to spend alongside these amazing girls. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get married and move onto the next, but if you think about it, THIS time is pretty stinkin’ special and amazing too! The way I see it, there’s plenty of time to be married and do the “nesting” thing, but there’s only a (relatively) short period of time where you get to live and do life with some of your best (or even not so best) girlfriends.

Some of my favorite memories at home are shared over Saturday morning mimosas and breakfast in bed with my roomies. Thanks to Erin (one of my room mates), who LOVES to cook and is quite the domestic goddess, we go ALL OUT when it comes to cooking/hosting/etc. – no matter what the occasion. It’s pretty amazing actually! (I’ve learned a thing or two from her! lol) But anyway, Saturday morning girl talk and breakfast in bed is no exception – we’ve usually always got a pretty picture-worthy spread to enjoy (think breakfast of champions).

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Spreading Softness Through Acts of Kindness

When I think about what it means to “spread softness”, the first things that come to mind are the small, everyday things – acts of service for those around me. For some people, that might mean their coworkers, spouse, neighbors, or family members. But since I currently work from home (ha!) and live with two girls, they’re my people.

And so most of my acts of service are geared towards them. We’re always doing little things for each other, trying to pick up the slack with chores or help each other out when we can. To name a few, some simple ways I try to serve Erin and Katie are by unloading the dishwasher, taking out the trash, and other house-y things like wiping the counter and organizing the mail! They’re little things, but I think sometimes it’s the small acts of service that make all the difference in our daily life, don’t you think?

How about you? How do you spread softness in your daily life? What’re the little things that you do for others around you? OR, tell us about some of the “softest” moments in your life?

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What I’m Wearing: Dress: c/o Splendid Primrose Swing Dress (wearing size XS)

Confession, I’m a Splendid #FanGirl

I wanted to include a little side note about my relationship with Splendid :)

I’ve been a fan of Splendid clothing for as long as I can remember! But really though, majorly obsessed with all things Splendid (umm have you checked out their shoes lately? CUTE-ness overload) So yeah, I’m a fan. I still have each and every piece I ever purchased (and I’ve been a fan since like 7th grade I think?). Some of my favorite wardrobe staples are by Splendid (like this turtleneck for layering and this plain white tee) and were gifts from my momma – she’s a major Splendid lover too! (oh wait, and THIS 3/4 sleeve mixed media tunic too – have in black and white!)

I have A TON of white tees ranging every which length and fit – you can never have too many, right? But I have to say that my two favorite ones (that I’m always grabbing for first) are by Splendid. There’s just something about the material and how they “sit” on your torso (and the length too) that just looks good and works better than all my other ones.

You know what I mean? There are those pieces you keep coming back to in your closet and never let you down. Yeah, that’s what my splendid white tee is to me. And although this post is in fact sponsored, I was thrilled to work with such a fabulous brand and think BTD x Splendid couldn’t be a more organic and natural fit for the blog! It’s easy for me to rant and rave about them because I genuinely love it.

All that being said, I want to share a few of my FAVE finds from Splendid’s new arrivals and forever classics that I’m loving! Shop my picks below:

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Thanks so much to Splendid for sponsoring this post. But AS ALWAYS, all opinions are my very own :)