Beauty - September 29, 2016

Routine Skincare for Great Skin

Leopard Scarf // Black Swing Dress // Lipstick (#28) // Bronzer // Highlighter // Mascara // Eyeliner

After posting this photo on instagram the other day, I got a few questions about my skincare routine lately and/or if I’ve been doing my makeup differently. I haven’t changed up my makeup (aside from adding highlighters), but I have started to pay more attention to taking care of my skin lately.

The older I get, the more I’m realizing how important it is to be diligent about skincare and nourishing my skin on a daily basis. Something about turning 26 last year REALLY hit me (ugh, eeek!) and I felt like I needed to add “legit skincare” to my getting-my-life-together slash adulting TO-DO. I procrastinated for a long time, but over the summer I finally decided to bite the bullet and started meeting with a professional esthetician to get monthly facials and learn more about how to take better care of my skin and get an early start on preventing aging.

What I’ve Learned: Tips for Maintaining Great Skin

As I’ve learned more about my skin, I thought it would be helpful to document it on the blog to share with y’all. I’ve been going to Rivieria Spa in Dallas for monthly facials and have LOVED getting to know the team where – they’ve been so helpful and resourceful in my journey to learn more about my skin and have helped keep me on track too! So let’s get started – I’m going to share the top tips I’ve learned for maintaining healthy skin that looks young and healthy.

Daily: Cleanse Day and Night

This sounds like a no-brainer to most, but it’s a nice reminder to really clean your skin. I have totally been guilty of going to bed with makeup on or forgetting to use a cleanser in the morning, but it’s a crucial step for your daily skin care. When thinking about washing your skin you first need to pick a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin.

I currently use the Philosophy ‘Purity’ Cleanser and love how soft and gentle it is on my skin. This is where your esthetician or any beauty consultant will make the difference. Once you’ve found your cleanser think about what you will be using along with it, the Clarisonic is a great tool to use for every day. This will allow you to clean off the day’s makeup thoroughly and will remove any dead skin your face has collected through the day or night. I keep both of these by my sink so I don’t forget while I am brushing my teeth, it also gives me no excuse. Your skin will thank you for it.

monthly skincare tip for maintaining great skin: Meet with a professional esthetician

Monthly: Meet with a professional esthetician

I know, it sounds like one of those fancy things that you don’t need in your life, but trust me the more you invest in your skin now the happier you will be later. Meeting with someone who knows how to identify skin types will allow you to learn more about what kind of skin you have. You may think you are prone to oily skin but in reality, your skin is dehydrated and compensating through overproduction of oil.

In the same way that you visit a  makeup counter and ask them to help you find your perfect makeup, you need to find someone for your skincare. The sooner you address your skin problems the less aging you will see and the more comfortable you will be wearing less makeup. From the inside out ladies, this is an investment you won’t regret.

Weekly: Exfoliate twice (!) a week

I honestly never knew you were supposed to be doing this so often. James, my consultant at Riviera Spa was the one who brought it to my attention. He knew immediately by looking at my skin I was not doing this at all. I didn’t know it was so obvious until I started explaining to him the problems I was having with my skin. Dealing with blackheads and sometimes feeling like my makeup wasn’t applying smoothly was all due to not exfoliating.

Here’s what I learned. Everybody, yes even you all with perfect skin, should be exfoliating twice a week. Exfoliating allows for you to shed layers of dead skin that are clogging up pores on your face and sometimes making it appear dull. It also helps bring blood flow to your face which helps in the production of collagen. So if you feel like your face is looking a little tired this is an instant face lift!

You can exfoliate any time of day, but you really get your money’s worth at night because it allows for your skin to have time to repair throughout your sleep. I currently use the L’Oreal Revitalift Exfoliant and love the results I’ve seen.

Daily: Moisturize every single day and night

Talking about repairing your skin while you sleep, moisturizing is very important to that rejuvenation. You should be applying moisturizer twice a day at least. Once in the morning after you cleanse your skin and at night after you have cleansed/exfoliated. This is especially important after exfoliating because it strips layers of skin and it is important to keep those new skin cells healthy and hydrated.

I highly recommend a moisturizer with SPF, like the Khiel’s ‘Ultra’ Moisturizer for the day and a less water-based moisturizer that will really soak in at night when your skin is regenerating. This one was recommended by my esthetician for everyday wear with SPF, PCA Sheer Tint.

Daily: Apply SPF (Really, DO IT)

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but sunscreen for face should be a daily step in your morning routine. Not only does it protect skin from harmful rays it can help prevent aging and wrinkles. Think about it; an average person needs at least SPF 30 daily in order to be well protected from the sun and if you are exposed to more than 3 hours of sun a day you should be reapplying midday for all-day coverage.

It really makes you think how much time we are exposed without even knowing, and you don’t have to outside it could be walking to your car or walking your dog. As I mentioned before the harmful UVA rays are what really can cause damage to the collagen in your skin, which eventually will lead to wrinkles as your skin loses elasticity. If you’re starting to see (or don’t want to see) those lines around your lips or forehead, applying SPF every single day is a smart way to proactively slow it down and prevent it from getting worse.

Monthly: Have a professional extraction

*disclaimer* This is only if you feel your skin is congested with bacteria and you have very present clogged pores and blackheads. This does not mean you are allowed to pick at your own face at home (#guilty). Seeing a professional esthetician will help with this problem.

The purpose of extractions is to help remove deep blackheads and bacteria-filled areas. In my case, Riviera Spa has this handy machine that created a mist over your face,  this humid environment helps the pores open up and makes it easier for the esthetician to do his thing and carefully release any clogged pores. Honestly, this is probably my favorite part of the whole facial. It is such a relief and immediate satisfaction to see my skin clearer in minutes

As Needed: Spot treatment

For any breakouts that you may have a great spot treatment can be beneficial instead of trying to ‘pop’ or remove the problem. This allows for the bacteria to not spread any farther on your face and will target the spot from the inside out. My go to is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, ya’ll this is serious breakout treatment. Put this on at night and you will see immediate results the next morning.

Weekly: Lip Scrub

It’s hard to think that lip scrubs would be apart of your daily or weekly routine, but they are a great way to make your lipstick or gloss last longer. Just like your skin when your lips are smooth any color you are adding to it will apply smoothly.

In addition, the pressure that you will be putting on your lips will increase blood flow which increases the production of collagen. This will immediately act as an all natural lip plumper. Currently, I like to use Sara Happy before any special night out in order to really make my lips look and feel their best!