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Season - Summer

I gotta be honest, y’all, I have a love/hate with summer outfits. I love putting together summer outfit ideas in my head, but then when it’s 100+ degrees out, things get tricky. At least here in Dallas, weather gets humid quick, and though summer wardrobes consist of the cutest pieces, it can be hard to feel pulled together. But I’ve come to realize that building summer outfits is all about relying on key staples that will help you survive – especially if you live somewhere really warm. For lots of summer outfit ideas and the essentials that I make sure to keep around from June-September, see below!

To me, the best summer outfits are effortless – or at least they seem that way. I think we can all take a note from California girls by bringing in a relaxed vibe to summer dressing, but I do like elevating my looks a bit. It’s the Southern girl in me! I like to add a balance with lots of dresses and skirts for summer style, but I’m always one for denim and a tank for the 4th of July. If you have trouble dressing for summer or the vacations you might be taking, consider prioritizing these essentials – or my ‘Summer Wardrobe Survival Kit’ as I like to call it.

Staple for Summer Outfits: Relaxed Dresses

I love a good dress, but I absolutely hate dresses that are a pain in the neck – especially for summer outfits. It’s just too dang hot to deal with a tight fit or too many details. So I’m all about relaxed dresses when building out my summer wardrobe. Look for materials that breath and are naturally cool – like linen or chambray – and ones that aren’t crazy tight on your skin. I especially love back-less options, tank tops, halters, and even a matching set that gives my mid-section room to breathe. There are lots of outfit ideas for this type of look below!

Staple for Summer Outfits: Stripes

Stripes are one of my favorite prints EVER, and I especially pull for them when curating summer outfits. They’re nautical and great for summer holidays, too. A striped shirt and a denim skirt or cut-offs is something you’ll find me in on the weekends, and I reach for striped dresses for church on Sundays. I usually bring a chambray shirt or something light to tie around my waist or throw on if I need a little coverage. The perfect summer outfit!

Staple for Summer Outfits: Wedges

It’s rare you’ll find me in a stiletto come July, but I’m all about pairing wedges with my summer wardrobe. Whether going to a wedding, church, or a girl’s night, I find that wedges are the answer for comfort and a bit of sass in summer. They’re definitely more comfortable that ankle-strap heels, and the straw or nude varieties feel seasonal. Plus, let’s get real – feet swell when it’s hot and I’m not about to force my foot into a closed-toe heel.

Now that you know my essentials for summer style, you can scroll down to see all my summer outfit ideas in one place, and hopefully get inspired for dressing yourself this season!

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