Lifestyle - August 15, 2020

Our 7 Favorite Takeout Places in Denver

As much as I love to cook and be creative in the kitchen, I think we can all agree that some days it’s just easier to get takeout! I’ve been living in Denver for almost a year now and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite places to get takeout incase you are from Denver , or are traveling here sometime soon, and in need of new recommendation! Here are a few of the go-to spots Duncan and I have fell in love with!

Favorite Takeout Restaurants Cheba Hut Alo New Balance

Cheba Hut

1531 Champa St, Denver, CO 80204

If you read my post about recipes I want to make in August 2020 I told ya’ll how Duncan and I have been eating sandwiches like they are going out of style lately. If you live in Arizona, Colorado, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, or Wisconsin, you’re lucky enough to have these toasty subs in your backyard!

Recommendations: I love the 5-0 (Smoked ham, Genoa salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, bacon, Giardiniera peppers & cheddar) and La Canna (Smoked ham, Genoa salami, prosciutto, black olives & provolone)  sandwiches, but I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of their items on the menu!

Open for take out, delivery, and dine-in, select seating open for dine-in.

True Foods

2800 E 2nd Ave Unit 101, Denver, CO 80206

We have a True Foods a couple miles away from us and I love to order from there when we want tasty food that I know is good for us. A restaurant that prides itself on creating food that fuels the body while tasting good and having a diverse menu that everyone can find something they’ll love.

Recommendations: If you happen to be dining in, be sure to order one of their handcrafted cocktails – so good! As far as food, you can never go wrong starting your meal with the Herb Hummus that are complemented with cucumber, organic tomato, onion, olive, feta, lemon oregano vinaigrette & house-made pita and finishing with the Shrimp Tacos (GF).

Open for take out, delivery, and select seating is open for din-in.

Park Burger 

211 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80246

I feel almost guilty saying this (and there is no reason too LOL) but sometimes you just NEED a good burger! They offer a casual environment with multiple options as far as turkey burgers, and veggies burgers served on their locally baked Park Burger buns.

Recommendations: I normally order The Fun Guy (1/3 lb. patty, sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, haystack onions, truffle-garlic aioli) and take my word, you HAVE to get Truffle Parmesan Fries on the side!

Open for take out and select seating open for dine-in.

Favorite Takeout restaurants Denver NORTH

NORTH Italia

190 Clayton Ln, Denver, CO 80206

Moment of honesty, Duncan and I have gotten or eat at NORTH Italia at least once a week lately. Trust me ya’ll, it’s THAT good! And I know…it’s a chain but what can I say? We are kind of suckers for chain restaurants if I’m being honest!

If you’re visiting or live in the area, NORTH is the perfect place for date night. When we order the take out for date night I like to spice things up a little more and plate our dishes on nice plates and pair it with our favorite wine. The food takes you straight it Italy without having to leave the comfort of your home!

Recommendations: We like to start with the Chef’s Board and finish with the House Specialty Bolognese!

Open for take out, delivery, and dine-in, select seating open for dine-in.


1128 S Colorado Blvd #3003, Denver, CO 80246

If you’re lookin for something fresh, but quick, this is our go-to! I used to be a look at poke a little questionably, but ever since Duncan had me try it, I’ve been in love! If you haven’t tried it, but are a fan of sushi, take a risk! I like to think it’s like a “burrito bowl” for sushi :)

Recommendations: My order is tuna, half brown rice, half mixed greens, seaweed, sesame seeds, jalapeños, topped with soy sauce and Sriracha – yum!

Open for takeout and delivery.

Hillstone + Cherry Creek Grille

303 Josephine St, Denver, CO 80206

I grouped these two together because they’re owned by the same company and have a lot of similar menu items. They’re both in Cherry Creek, just a few blocks from each other.  We honesty love so many things on their menu but I think our go-to items are:

  • Hillstone – spinach and artichoke dip, ANY And all of their sushi (love the shrimp and macadamia roll!), the grilled chicken salad, cheeseburger or the ahi tuna. Honestly you can’t go wrong – it’s ALL good!
  • Cherry Creek Grille – we LOVE the Macho Salad OR the emerald kale and rotisserie chicken salad, crispy chicken sandwich (OMG it’s INSANELY GOOD), and their dip duo is yummy too!

Open for take out, delivery, and dine-in, select seating open for dine-in.

Favorite Takeout Restaurant Denver SOL cantina

SOL Mexican Cantina 

200 Columbine St #110, Denver, CO 80206

I actually think SOL was one of the first spots we tried when moving to Denver. I remember we went there one night while unpacking because we were craving some Mexican food. And although it’s different than what we’re used to being from Texas, it’s still really good! They serve their chips with a homemade bean dip and the salsas are all so yummy!

Recommendations: Duncan had a Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita and queso and highly recommends both LOL! I order the Sweet Corn and Quesadilla and will 100% be ordering those two items again!

Open for take out, delivery, and dine-in, select seating open for dine-in.