Lifestyle - October 13, 2020

My Favorite Healthy Treat + Volunteering with Yasso

Dreams are coming true in BTD world y’all because today’s post is in partnership with Yasso – my absolute FAVORITE treat! I became an ambassador for them this year and it’s legit a dream come true! If you’ve been around here for more than a minute than you’ve probably seen me eating/talking about Yasso on my IG Stories. I discovered them a handful of years ago and never turned back!

If you have no idea what Yasso is, they make frozen greek yogurt desserts in just about every flavor you can imagine! The bars (Duncan and I ALWAYS have various flavors in our freezer) usually range from 80-120 calories PLUS 5-6 grams of protein! they also came out with a new line of Chocolate Dipped bars which are super indulgent, covered in a chocolatey coating with crisped quinoa. As if they couldn’t get any better, you also get a dose of probiotics from the yogurt!

OK, so anyway, I found Yasso maybe 3ish years ago and immediately became obsessed. This was when I still lived in Dallas with my roommates and we would literally have Yasso nights and try as many flavors as we could (spoiler: they’re all amazing!!). I even wrote about it on the blog in this post LOL!

Becoming a Yasso ambassador is amazing for more reasons than just having the hookup to the best frozen greek yogurt though. I’ve gotten to know this company and the things they stand for, which seriously makes me love them even more. They value diversity and giving back to local communities – something I definitely want to be a part of. In fact, I just had my first charitable campaign with them and my second was in late July! And I’ve got another one coming up in the next few weeks and I’ so excited!

Yasso has a foundation called the Game On! Foundation whose mission is to inspire health and happiness in communities and activate wellness from the inside out. Most recently, Game On! partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs to support their youth programing. This summer, they provided yummy Yasso frozen Greek yogurt treats to the clubs in Denver and Boston as they re-opened their locations for kids – such a nice welcome back treat done safely! I’m so blessed and excited to be a part of all of this and want to give a huge shoutout to Yasso for building such a great company!