Gift Guides - November 5, 2021

The Holiday Gift Wrap I’m Using This Year

Brighton Butler Holiday Gift Wrapping

Wrapping Details: Gingham Wrapping Paper // Gold Wrapping Paper // Ribbon

I’ve been so excited about the holidays this year. I’ve actually gotten a headstart on my gift lists (thanks, shipping delays!) which is probably a big reason I’m in full-on holiday mode — if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen I already have my tree up. NO SHAME!

Whether you’re Team Early Holiday or you’re more of a last-minute kind of person, it’s still fun to plan out your gift wrapping game. I personally find gift wrapping super therapeutic and relaxing and I love to sip on hot chocolate while I wrap all the gifts I so carefully selected.

One of the things that makes gift wrapping so fun for me is choosing a wrapping paper that I am OBSESSED with and then finding the perfect accessories to accompany it. I like to think of wrapped gifts as part of my holiday decor and think they always look so nice under the tree! Although we’ll see how long they last this year with a crawling baby in the house.

If you’re planning out your gift wrapping strategy for this holiday season,  be sure you have some staples to set you up for success. Here’s what I love to always have on hand when I’m wrapping gifts. Still need some gifting inspo? Be sure to check out my gift guides.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Essentials


Olive Gingham Wrapping Paper

It was love at first sight when I spotted this olive gingham wrapping paper. What I loved most is that I could pair it with a more playful print without making the vibe too overwhelming. This is the perfect addition to your wrapping collection this year!


Vintage Wrapping Paper

I am loving the vintage wrapping paper trend happening right now. It’s such a fun throwback and a nice departure from the classic Santa, Christmas trees, & snowflakes that we usually see on wrapping paper.

Ribbon Bazaar

Textured Ribbon

I love, love, love playing around with ribbons when I’m wrapping. I try to buy a variety of textures including satin, velvet, and even burlap. Ribbon can elevate any gift wrapping and make it look like it was straight out of a magazine!


Quality Scissors

They’re not the most glamorous part of gift wrapping but good scissors can make or break your wrapping experience. Plus, bonus points if they look cute, right!? I’ve spent way more time than I’d care to admit in the past trying to cut my paper evenly thanks to bad scissors so it’s a (small) investment I’m all about making!


Wrapping Accessories

I’m all about a good accessory both in fashion and in gift wrapping. This cool kit includes ribbon, twine, gift tags, and gift embellishments that will make your gifts stand out under the tree. These accessories can make your gifts go from boring to beautiful with very little effort.


Kraft Paper Bags

Because sometimes gifts just can’t be wrapped, I always like to have some classic-looking bags around when I’m wrapping. I love that these are made of kraft paper so I can tie a beautiful velvet ribbon on top with a piece of greenery and call it a day. So easy but so elevated at the same time!

Brighton Butler Holiday Gift Wrapping




Brighton Butler Holiday Gift Wrapping