Fall - November 2, 2020

Most Loved Items for October

most loved items from October 2020

I feel like I was just putting this blog post together for September like last week, but it has literally be an entire month! Well hello November! I always love putting these posts together, though, because it’s interesting for me to see what you all liked the most each month! I love going through analytics and seeing what got the most amount of clicks and then what was ultimately the most popular in terms of purchases!

I feel like I’ve been wearing a lot of the same outfits combos since I’ve got a bump now, but luckily, many of you are really into oversized sweaters, leggings and sweater dresses too!

1. TOPSHOP Funnel Neck Sweater Dress

This dress has been such a hit this month! I’ve posted it a few times and each time, you guys love it! I actually also got it in black. It fits very oversized (I’m wearing size XS) so I’d recommend getting your usual size or even sizing down if you want it to be little more fitted. For reference, I am 5′ 4″ and I feel like it hits me at just the right length for a dress!

October Favorites Free People Sweater Dress Face Mask Leather Crossbody Boots Fall Outfit Inspo
Full outfit details linked here.

2. Free People Brookside Tunic

Oh, THIS TUNIC. If you followed me on stories this past month, then you know I wore this thing *all* the time. I posted it in two different colors (also have the tan!). I love the slouchy fit and how the neckline is a little wider than most oversized sweaters I own. It’s also the PERFECT length and thickness too – not too chunky and not too thin. I’m wearing size XS and find it fits a little oversized (which I like!)

October Favorites Free People Sweater Maternity Jeans Booties Fall Outfit Inspo
Full outfit details linked here.

3. SPANX Faux Leather Leggings

Speaking of the tunic I shared in No. 2, here we are again – same tunic, different color! This time I’m styling them with faux leather leggings. This month, I talked about leather leggings A LOT because they’ve been such a go-to for me during my pregnancy. I even did a whole blog post comparing the Spanx leather leggings to the Commando ones if you missed! I get asked which I like better all the time, so I figured it was time to dedicate a blog post to it!

Speaking of being pregnant, I also wrote a blog post on outfits getting me through my 2nd Trimester if you need outfit inspiration.

October Favorites Free People Sweater Spanx Maternity Leggings Ray-Ban Golden Goose Sneakers Fall Outfit Inspo
Full outfit details linked here.

4. Abercrombie & Fitch 1/2 Zip Sherpa Sweatshirt

I have so many of the Abercrombie sherpas because they’re SO GOOD! This pink color is a recent addition and I love it. I’m wearing size Medium here, but I actually prefer how the small fits. In general, these pullovers fit a little oversized, so I wouldn’t size up too much! I think they’d make SUCH a great gift!

October Favorites A&F Shepra Align Leggings White Sneakers Fall Outfit Inspo
Full outfit details linked here.

5. Columbia Newton Ridge Women’s Hiking Boot

Duncan and I went on a few trips over the past few week and these hiking boots were a major hit! I bought them on a whim before one of our trips but have ended up loving them! I think I’ve walked over 10 miles so far in them and haven’t gotten any blisters. Also, since sharing them, I’ve gotten many messages from you all saying that you have these and love them as well!

October Favorites American Eagle Flannel Align Leggings Columbia boots Fall Outfit Inspo

6. Aerie Eagle Faux Fur Jacket

With the temps dropping here in Denver, I’ve started wearing more jackets and have purchased a few this season that I’ve really loved! I found this one for such a great price and have been wearing it NON-STOP! It fits a little oversized and has a really soft material as the lining – so it almost feels like you’re wearing a sweatshirt. For reference, I’m wearing size XS. If you’re in the market for some cute jackets this season, I rounded up some of my favorites in this blog post!

October Favorites American Eagle Faux Fur Jacket Maternity Spanx Leggings Mark Fisher Booties Fall Outfit Inspo
Full outfit details linked here.

7. Ten Sixty Sherman Ribbed Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Fitted dresses have been a major go-to for me the past few weeks! I found this one at Nordstrom and loved the fit and look of it. It’s long sleeved and is just the right thickness in material to where I don’t feel like you can see every line of my body BUT it’s still fitted – if that makes sense? It has been perfect for me with my bump, but I also know I’ll wear it when I’m not pregnant too. For reference, I’m wearing size XS.

October Favorites Grey Midi dress denim jacket white sneakers Fall Outfit Inspo
Full outfit details linked here.

8. FRYE Ivory Sneaker

Oh, the fry sneakers. These have been a long time favorite of mine if you can’t already tell by how often I wear them! I even dedicated an entire blog post to them this month showing you 18+ ways to style them! I highly recommend :)

October Favorites TopShop Cardigan Leggings White Sneakers Fall Outfit Inspo
Full outfit details linked here.

9. Lululemon Love Crew III

I placed a new Lulu order at the beginning of the month and have been getting so much wear out of my new items! One of them was this Love Crew – I’ve worn it at least once a week since I got it. I love the relaxed (yet still fitted) look and the length is perfect. It’s stretchy and comfortable – perfect for working out or running errands around town.

October Favorites Lululemon Top Lululemon Leggings Outfit Inspo
Full outfit details linked here.

10. AE Oversized Dreamspun V-Neck Sweater

This sweater has been a major go-to for me. I’m pretty sure it was even part of last month’s best sellers too! It fits pretty oversized and is long enough to wear with leggings. I’m wearing size XS for reference and you can see, it still has a slouchy fit to it!

October Favorites American Eagle Top Lululemon Leggings Fall Outfit Inspo
Full outfit details linked here.
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