Amazon - April 7, 2023

March Amazon Best Sellers

It’s time to recap some of the March Amazon best sellers! These were honestly no surprise to me. Most of them have actually been best sellers for a few months now — they’re that good.

You might remember that I did an entire blog post on this sippy cup. After going through several cups that leaked or were difficult to get water or milk out of, we found this cup and I’ll never look back. It works so well, and I’ve had a ton of you tell me you love it too!

These chunky earrings have also been a fan favorite. They do *not* look or feel like $11 earrings. You can choose from several different sizes online too depending on how big you want the hoop! I chose the smaller size since I wanted something a little more simple.

The famous round brush made the cut again. I couldn’t possibly begin to guess how many of you have bought this over the years. Check out my tips for round-brushing your hair here.

Oh, and if you work from home, I can’t recommend this lap desk enough. It’s got a spot for your laptop, phone, and even a mouse if you use one. I. love using it when I’m sitting in bed or on the couch watching tv at night. For some reason, it just makes me feel more focused, I can’t tell you why lol.

As always, I’ve linked the rest of the March Amazon best sellers or you can click directly on the graphic to shop. Until next time!

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Product Details: No Spill Sippy Cup // Makeup Brush Cleaner // Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings // Tide Washing Machine Cleaner // Anti-Frizz Spray // Thermal Round Brush // Hair Claw Clips // Baby Einstein Sound Machine // Velvet Coat Hangers // Lap Desk