Faith - April 3, 2020

Ideas, Inspo and What to Wear for an Easter At Home

Brighton Keller in easter pajamas
Outfit Details: Honeydew Intimates Pajamas 

Hey friends! Today’s post gives me a mix of emotions because, on one hand, it’s fun to gather inspiration for you guys and get creative. But on the other hand, Easter is one of my favorite holidays to spend with family and really celebrate life and Jesus. Of course we can still do those things at home, it’ll just have to look a little different this year and require a bit of creativity. I’m trying my best to think of it as an opportunity to learn and really appreciate being able to gather and celebrate rather than something I’m going to miss out on because of everything going on.

With that said, my chin is up and I’m ready to share some ideas and inspo with y’all on how to celebrate Easter at home! I hope you feel inspired after reading this and can find the bright side, which is that He will still rise no matter what the obstacle is right now!

Ideas to still make it special

So how do you still make Easter special? Well, first things first, let’s head over to Pinterest, shall we?

If you have kids to entertain, here are a few activities that look fun (order anything you might need ASAP):

If you don’t have any Easter decor but still want to be festive, these DIYs look LEGIT:

Second, the crafts and home decor make things fun but what truly makes Easter feel like Easter is family. So set up a Zoom call and have as many family members join as possible! I know this won’t work for everyone, but it’s a great option for virtually bringing as many people together as you can. Maybe schedule the call for right when everyone is sitting down to eat lunch so it can feel like you’re eating together!

And for those that can’t join the Zoom, you can always call or Facetime with them separately or send a text to let them know you’re thinking about them.

Recipes for Easter Morning

And we can’t forget about the FOOD! A big part of my family’s traditional Easter celebration is centered around having a big Easter brunch after church, so I’m excited to make a few things throughout the day! D and I are planning on baking a yummy breakfast casserole (one my mom always makes!) that morning and I can’t wait! Here’s another breakfast casserole that I think looks SO yummy – a lot of the ingredients are frozen and it’s super easy to make.  Could be a good option for any of y’all with kids that need something fast and delicious!

I’ve also saved lots of super yummy looking options to my Recipes board on Pinterest if you want to browse before putting together your menu. I might have to also make these cinnamon rolls because WOW. And maybe this Easter charcuterie plate just to be extra festive LOL. This spinach mac n cheese also looks SO good and like it would make the perfect hearty lunch! Plus, who doesn’t love mac n cheese?! For dessert, I’m thinking I might try my hand at cupcakes, but we’ll have to see (doesn’t this recipe look so good?!)!

What to Wear to Your Living Room

I’ve decided this Easter could be a fun time to break out some of my favorite cozy pajamas – since I’ll obviously be at home this year. Usually I’d put together a post like this sharing all the pretty spring dresses and accessories, but this year, PJs feel like the right move. Maybe I’ll change my mind Easter morning and want to get ready, but the PJ route sounds great (plus stretchy pants for all the food is a bonus) right about now. If you’re in need of a good pair, I got you covered!


Obviously physically going to church will be the biggest piece missing from Easter this year and it does make me sad, but I also think it’s SO amazing the number of churches streaming their services! We haven’t quite found a church home here in Denver, so we’ll probably be live streaming from Austin stone – we LOVE that church so much!

If you’re not able to stream or you don’t want to, I’d highly recommend journaling. Journaling makes me feel very close to God and serves as such a great record of what God is teaching me. I like to start with scripture, write it out, and then journal about it.  Or if you’re not religious, just take a few minutes to write down your thoughts and what you’re grateful for.

Another idea for making Easter Sunday at home a little more special is to light a candle and read John 1:1–5 out loud, reflecting on and giving thanks for times where you’ve seen (and continue to see) God’s light shining in darkness. I know that might sound farfetched right now, but God is always working – even when it seems like He’s not.

What are you planning on doing in your home for Easter this year? I’d love to hear!! Especially if you have kids, I’m so curious!