Beauty - January 17, 2017

4 Steps To Longer lasting curls

brighton the day showing how to curl your hair
brighton the day black and white dress with over the knee boots
brighton the day showing how to maintain your curls
brighton the day black and white dress with over the knee boots

We talk about hair volume a lot on Snapchat and I did an entire blog post on it a few months back (slash I want to do a video soon too!), but another topic I’ve been wanting to cover is curls – just in general and specifically about how to get them to actually STAY all night/day. I hope to cover “curls” in a variety of ways but today we’re just going to talk about tips for maintaining those curls you work so hard on!

How to get your curls to last in 4 steps

I’ve found that I can get my curls to last pretty well by focusing on 4 steps. Since we all obviously have different style hair and not every tip works for every style, I’ve thrown in some specific tips based on hair type. Ready for my 4-step system?!

Step one: Get dirty hair and choose shampoos wisely

Dirty hair is easier to style in general, and this is no different when it comes to curls. Avoid washing your hair and using conditioner on your ends for at least a day in advance if you want your curls to stay. Also, avoid using a clarifying or moisturizing shampoo close to a curl date. Clarifying shampoos make your hair REALLY clean; it’s great that they get rid of build up, but curls don’t like that. And some moisturizing shampoos can make your hair too smooth or slick for lasting style, too. Stick with a volumizing shampoo if you know you want curls to last in the next few days.

Oily-haired girls: If you can’t go a day without washing (super oily hair), first off, remember that you gotta train your hair. Start trying to not wash it 7x a week, go to 5x, and you’ll slowly train your hair to produce less oil.

Dry-haired girls: Since skipping conditioner can sometimes wreck havoc on my ends, I use a deep conditioning mask once a week (when I’m not trying to style my hair for a couple days) and swear by oil on the ends.

brighton the day showing how to curl your hair

Step two: Provide texture

Having something in your hair for the curls to hold on to, like dry shampoo or texture spray, is crucial for not only getting curls the way you want them, but for their lasting powers.

We’re all lucky enough to live in the dry shampoo decade – literally one of my favorite products ever, see my battle of dry shampoos here – yes, I’m that serious. This magical potion can make even the oiliest hair come to life. Certain primers are also formulated to help styles stay in place and look good – all while protecting those locks.

I personally like a primer/dry shampo0/texturizing spray combo before curling. I use a primer all over my hair pre-blow dry whenever I shower, then right before I’m curling (usually a couple days after shampooing), I spray dry shampoo to my roots and texturizing spray all over as I turn my head upside down.

Oily-haired girls: I actually add dry shampoo to my roots and hair ANY time before styling – the super straight, sleek look just isn’t my thing – to add body and help keep the style, and to get rid of oil obviously.

brighton the day demonstrating how to curl your hair and maintain the curls

Step three: Curl correctly

No matter your hair style, tighter, smaller curls will last longer. Thick curls don’t have as much room to expand before they fall or turn back to your natural style, so using a smaller curling iron will help. If I know I need my curls to last for a couple days, I’ll often curl them (with a wand or curling iron around 1.25″) the morning of an event – they’ll fall a bit after that much time, but then will still look great – even better – the next day or two.

Curly-haired girls: Try to straighten your hair the day before curling – or at least the night before. Avoid straightening right before.

brighton the day showing how to maintain your curls

Step four: Keep them in place

After I curl, I’ll spray hair spray. I hate the feeling of thick hair spray, but this one is light and actually works.

I’ll wait about 30 minutes before running my fingers through my curls or heading out the door. You’ve gotta let those curls set if you want them to last!

If the hairspray has lost it’s feel by the end of the day, I’ll spray a little more each day and will kinda scrunch my curls to get that bounce back – I think this helps them last too.

Oily-haired girls: Remember, dry shampoo to your roots daily!

brighton the day showing how to curl your hair

General tips

Little things to keep in mind after you style your curls:

  • Sleep with your hair in a loose bun so that you’re not flatting out your hair as you sleep.
  • Try not to let too much moisture hit your hair – don’t hangout in the bathroom if someone is showering (plain awkward, too) and use a shower cap when you shower.
  • Don’t touch your hair! As much as you can, avoid messing with your hair. Fingers are oily and oil is the enemy of lasting curls!

I hope this helps! Let me know how the 4 steps work for you and what your favorite products are for keeping/maintaining YOUR curls!

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