Lifestyle - July 8, 2020

How To Make Everyday Life Feel More Special

Brighton Butler journaling in lounge wear on the floor

Something I’m working really hard on right now is slowing way down and enjoying more of the simple things in life like walks with Duncan or getting to Facetime with my family. I want to recognize and acknowledge that each day is truly a gift and take what would normally be any old day and to look for opportunities to make it a little more special! Know what I mean? I just feel like there are things I could consistently be working into my life to bring a little more joy! I’ve started out really simple and came up with the following six ideas not only for me but you too!

Being intentional about gratitude

OK, so my first way to make everyday life feel more special goes back to exactly what I was saying in the intro. I want to slow down and be intentional about recognizing the gift that each day is and express gratitude. That gratitude can be directed to God through prayer, Duncan, our families, friends – anyone! But the important thing is just expressing it. Tell someone thank you just because or do something nice for your spouse or roommates – gratitude is contagious and I guarantee it’ll start a domino effect.

Setting a mood in your home (oils, lighting, etc.)

Most of y’all have probably seen on IG that I’ve gotten really into oils the last few months and they have seriously changed my life. IDK what I was doing all this time without them. I’m obsessed. One thing I’ve been doing lately to really cozy up our house is put diffusers in every room and mix up my own custom blends based on what I feel like I need that day. So if I need something to settle my anxiety, give me energy or something bright and fresh to wake me up – whatever it is – I set a mood for the house using my blends and diffusers.

I really look forward to it and it’s a simple thing that gets me excited. I definitely recommend everyone having something that makes them feel this way on a daily basis! It’s basically a form of self-care, which brings me to my next ideas…

Taking time for self-care

I’ve had a bit of an awakening when it comes to self-care in the last year or so. I feel like a lot of what you read online relates self-care back to your beauty/skincare routine, and that’s totally fine – that’s how I’ve mostly seen it! But I’ve learned it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. For some, self-care is going on a great hike or mixing up a unique blend of essential oils (me!). I feel like I always thought I had to be in a bathtub with a mask on or something to be doing self-care but there are actually lots of small things I can do for myself throughout the day to incorporate it. Like working out for example – as much as I hate it, I always feel better afterward. Basically what I’m trying to say it, whatever self-care is to you, incorporate it into your daily routine!

Fresh flowers/greenery in the house

I’ve really grown to appreciate the little things like fresh flowers or a bundle of eucalyptus – those small things that make our house feel like home, ya know? I’ll set them up near my workspace so whenever I look up, I see them. It instantly puts a smile on my face and brings a little extra boost of happiness to my day. So during your next trip to the grocery store, be sure to grab your fave bouquet and treat yourself to a little something special.

Sitting down and eating together

Duncan and I got into a pretty serious habit of eating dinner on TV trays in the living room last winter, which is fine for sometimes but we’ve been trying to make a bigger point of sitting at the table (or at least the kitchen counter) with the TV off and using the time to catch up. I love TV as much as anyone else, don’t get me wrong, but being intentional about that time feels really good and whenever we take the time to do it, I also always feel more connected to D.

Getting yourself ready

I’m definitely not claiming I dress up and do full makeup every single day, but I do notice a difference in the days I put myself a bit more together. I’m usually more motivated and productive compared to when I don’t, plus it gives me the opportunity to share an outfit with you guys, which is always nice. Still heavily relying on dry shampoo to do my hair but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?!

I hope this feels inspiring to you guys and shows you that even when you’re having a “boring” or “regular” day at home, you can do small things that make it suddenly feel like a special one!


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