Life - February 1, 2022

My Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

brighton butler valentine's day charcuterie board

Ah, we’re officially in February! That means we’re also 14 days from Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in a relationship, single, or creating sweet memories with your little one on this holiday, I’m excited to share some fun holiday-related content with you over the next couple of weeks. (In case you missed it, my Valentine’s Day gift guide went up recently on the blog!)

Today’s post was SO MUCH fun to put together. If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day party or are even just looking for a fun way to celebrate with your family, this charcuterie board is filled with all kinds of goodies and treats.

I opted for a board filled with candies and sweetest, but you could really make this any way you’d like. I love this variation with meats, cheeses, and bread. This is another adorable board that anyone would love to graze on.

But back to the board we created! Would you believe me if I said everything on this board is from Target!? (The heart-shaped board is from Williams Sonoma and I highly recommend it if you do any sort of hosting!) I was so impressed with their selection of candies and baked goods and love that I only had to make one stop to put this together!

To create the board, I simply put my focal pieces (the cute cookies) in the center of the board, then built around them with everything else! There really is no rhyme or reason to creating a charcuterie board — just go with what you like and the end result will turn out great.

I’ve linked everything I used to create my board below, but there were SO many cute options at Target that you could really create whatever you want!


brighton butler valentine's day charcuterie board