Style - June 26, 2019

How to Feel More Confident in a Bathing Suit

I went back and forth on writing this post because I know body image is such a personal topic – and a sensitive one obviously – but at the end of the day, I want this site to be a place where we feel comfortable, positive, and better about ourselves after visiting. And while I love writing about the tips I have or the lessons I’ve learned, the truth is I struggle with most of these topics as well at one point or another. TBH, it’s usually what inspires me to write a piece in the first place!

I’ve been having some internal struggles with my own body as I get older and things are changing, which is why I’ve been trying to eat healthier, take better care of myself, and go to Pilates/walk on the regular. But above that, there are also some other things I’ve been implementing to feel more secure in my skin. It’s a work in progress (think it might always be as a female?) but as bathing suit season comes and I know we all probably feel a little uncomfortable at times, I wanted to breach the subject of body image. This post is geared towards feeling good in a suit, but several of these tactics can honestly be used for whatever the heck you’re wearing!

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this subject BTW since it’s not something I talk about much on here. Anything to add to the convo? Do y’all like talking about body image?

Find the right fit

Just like it’s important to tailor pants to fit your legs or a shirt to fit your waist, bathing suits are the same way. And while you might not take one to a tailor, it’s about finding a style the best suits your body. This is hard when something is in style (like high-waisted bottoms, for example) and you want to try that trend – but I always notice I feel best in fits that work with my body. (Y’all can always find a fit that works for you but have the print be a fun trend – that’s what I’ve found to work best!).

If you have a large chest, a slinky triangle top probably isn’t going to do your chest any favors. Instead, something with underwire or at least thicker straps will be more comfortable AND flattering. If you have a larger booty, try everything from cheeky to full coverage to see what works best. (Remember that full coverage might not necessarily what looks best! Maybe that booty looks cute popping out a bit!). If you’re athletically built, find a suit with a fun print to add curves or something that cinches at the waist. If your lower stomach isn’t your favorite, you’ll probably love the high-waisted bottoms. Bottom line, find the silhouette that you feel best in and repeat that over and over!

Here are some of my favorite flattering suits of all different types (and for more budget-friendly options, check this recent post!)…

One Pieces


Get a (fake) tan

I won’t lie and say I never lay out in the sun, but for the most part, I’m all about that fake tan life. Honestly, having a little color on your body makes everything look SO much better and I always feel more confident with a tan. It smoothes out the look of cellulite or whatever imperfections that bug you and overall, it seems to make everything look more toned. AMEN!

I’ve tried probably every self-tanner on the market and this post breaks down my favorites. Try a few and find one that works for you – then slather that magic stuff on during your next vaca. It works!

Bring a cover-up

If you’re going to a pool party slash the beach and know you’ll need to be in a suit most of the day but want slight coverage, it’s all about finding the right coverup. Again, it’s kinda like the first tip of choosing a flattering fit – coverup’s are the same. If you’re not as comfortable with your lower half but have a great waist, a tied up sarong-style skirt is perfect! I love a lace kimono coverup because they aren’t hot and they make sense for time by the water, but also provide slight coverage. Here are some of my personal favorite coverups that are flattering…


Spend time prepping your body! If you get a lot of ingrown hairs around your bikini line, it might be worth waxing before a lot of time in a suit – just so you aren’t thinking about it. (PS I love this balm for after I shave or get waxed – it helps to soothe the entire area). Try an exfoliating treatment before you put on tanner or need to be in a suit to get your skin looking smooth. Get a pedicure and you’ll feel better instantly – I promise!

And when it comes to your body, it’s also worth noting some ways to de-bloat before a trip or during a pool day. Things like alcohol, salty or fried foods and heavy carbs will leave you feeling blah and bloating, so cut back if you’re looking to slim down. Water-dense foods like cucumber and celery are great snacks leading up to bathing suit time and trying to stay as hydrated as possible will also help your body naturally flush toxins and de-bloat. I also find that getting in a good sweat before I have to be in a suit all day really helps me feel more confident in my skin.

Know your worth

This is a general tip, but it’s SO important y’all! Remember that how you look in a bathing suit does not determine your worth. Every body is different, every body is beautiful, and most of us are struggling right alongside each other. I know it’s hard, but can we all agree that we should try to let the stress about our bodies in summer go?! Please?! I’m trying really hard to care less about what people think when it comes to this kind of stuff, and I know it’s helping. If y’all still care too much (as I do sometimes!) read this post – it should help.

Work on your confidence

I didn’t want to leave this post without mentioning this article I wrote a while back (because it’s one of my favorites!). While I just covered tips more specific to bathing suits and showing lots of skin, this article talks about confidence in general. From the way you stand to positive affirmations, I truly think the things in that post are worth reading again and again. It’s an article I go back to like once a month myself. I hope it gives you a boost, too!

K friends, please let me know what you thought of this type of post!