Hair Tips - September 12, 2018

3 Things I Do to Get My Hair Color to Last

I’m pretty sure one of the best inventions of this decade has been balayage hair. Am I wrong?! I not only love how it looks, but it’s low maintenance, natural, and the best part – you only need to go in for it a couple times a year. I never need it more than 2x a year and I think it’s because of a few things. One, my hairdresser does it in a very natural way (y’all might not even know I have color in my hair!), and two, I take good care of it after leaving the salon. My hairdresser taught me a few things to get my color to last and then I’ve picked up a couple tips of my own. If y’all color your hair and are trying to get into the salon less (like me!), these 3 things should help:

1. I Wash My Hair Less

Every time you wash your hair, you’re not only stripping your hair of its natural oils, but color as well. Think about it just like a shirt you wash. When you’re washing it over and over, the color fades. Same with your hair! So do your best (aka live off dry shampoo) to wash it only a couple times a week.

2. I Use Color Protectant Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve talked about this before so y’all probably know by now that I always have a color protection shampoo/conditioner in my rotation. I started using the Morocconoil Color Continue Shampoo and Conditioner set a while back and it’s still what I’m buying to this day. It’s sulfate free (also free of parabens and phthalates) which my hair stylist always tells me to stay away from since those chemicals can be harsh on hair. This set is was literally created to extend the results of hair color and I swear it’s why I only get color a couple times a year (and that’s just usually because it’s grown out, not faded).

3. I Protect My Hair From Heat

I *try* to use heat less in general to protect hair and the ends from splitting, which helps with healthy hair in general, but I also live for a color protectant spray. Since I’m obsessed with the Morocconoil’s shampoo/conditioner, I actually grabbed their Protect & Prevent Spray last time I was shopping and with no surprise, I love it. Let me tell you why…

First up, my hair color pulls brass and if I’m not careful my hair turns really brassy naturally – especially since I like more golden hair color and balayage. But this product helps to stop that! Seriously y’all, even my mom noticed a difference in my hair in that it wasn’t brassy (because it usually always is!). So not only does it help my color from fading, but it finally stopped the brass from happening. Amen.

There’s more! (Told you I loved this stuff!). It also protects from environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollution (which I’m learning are really bad for not only your skin but your hair too, andddd it detangles! Yep! It’s also a leave-in detangler, so it’s like, do I really need anything else at this point? It protects my hair, keeps color in tact, and helps with tangles. Whoa. Always appreciate a multi-tasking product. This is another product in the Morocconoil Color Complete Collection – and one that I highly recommend if y’all color your hair!

Let me know if there’s anything y’all do to help with hair color, but I think I’ve found the magic combo.

Have you tried any of these products?? Or do you use anything by Moroccanoil? I love this brand so much and have for years!

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