Style - September 7, 2019

Fall Bags Under $150

brighton keller fall bags under $150

I know that for a lot of us, buying a new handbag is something we think about for months and save up for a while to purchase – designer bags are normally worth it and I think of it as a treat yourself moment…anyone else? But buying a new handbag doesn’t have to be this big production especially when there are SO many cute styles out right now that are under $150! Like seriously, I’m shocked at how good of a selection there is at this budget – loving it! And honestly most of these selects are under $100…and they look like they cost at least $500, in my opinion. I have had the most fun shopping for accessories for my weekly outfit videos because we search for handbags that are at a super reasonable price point and end up finding some really good pieces that I continue to actually wear in my daily life. For example, I couldn’t stop wearing this one by Topshop and this pink crossbody went with so many items this spring/summer!

I’ve collected about 20 handbags that will take you well into the fall/winter season and can definitely be used in future seasons and like I said above – they are all under $150 so you don’t have to wince when you swipe that card. If anything, you don’t have to buy any of these right now – but I hope this post can give you inspo for purchasing a new fall bag or using one you have forgotten about in the back of your closet – I’m always guilty of this, ha!

Mixed Mediums

Styles that showcase the juxtaposition between two materials! I love the addition of a tortoise shell or horn detail mixed with suede or leather or even another animal print – it adds interest and detail that makes people ask ‘whoa where’d you get that bag?!’

Suede Styles

I love suede or a velvety texture for fall. The soft textures of suede or velvet just look so cozy when the temperatures drop – they also look super luxe, too!

Classically Cool

The prep-school classic vibe is on trend for fall and of course I am living for it. I’m extra obsessed with these bags because they honestly can be used no matter the season but the preppy vibes are a thing this fall so of course they are included!