Shopping - September 6, 2019

Favorite Dresses For Fall Weddings

what to wear to fall weddings lace dress

Even though summer is on it’s way out , wedding season (at least in my friend group!) is still in full swing. In fact, I feel like fall weddings are kinda the new wedding season in a way right?? Anyways, the time of year can be kinda hard to dress and shop for, espeically if you live somewhere that gets cold fast. You want to look cute and classy but sometimes sleeved dresses are not the most flattering and wearing a jacket over every dress is kinda annoying and all that! I’ve already done an in-depth post on how to dress for fall weddings that should be really helpful, but today’s post is all about what I’m loving NOW. Love that midi dresses are trending becaue they are so perfect for fall, and always a fan of lace or deeper colors like emerald. Happy shopping!


I chose this lace overlay midi dress as a fall wedding guest pick because I love the deep green color and the length! I think you can’t go wrong with a midi length in the fall and if it’s early fall you can still get away with bare shoulders – if it’s too cold I would throw a navy lightweight scarf over my shoulders for some coverage. I paired this look with a closed toe shoe which is something you might consider transitioning to when dressing for slightly chillier weather – keep those toes warm (and it will keep your toes safe from bad dancers on the dance floor, ha!).

Lace Dresses

Sorry – this dress is no longer linkable but these ones are similar!


I found this mini dress when shopping for fall wedding guest dresses and couldn’t decide if it would work for fall – but I think in the south it definitely could pass because it doesn’t get REALLY cold here until like late November (even Thanksgiving could be 90-degree weather). What I loved most about this dress is the statement sleeves that don’t look like their straight out of the 80’s and the faux tied waist effect that gives you a defined shape.

Statement Sleeve Outfit Details

Other Fall Wedding Guest Dresses I’m Loving

Do you have any weddings this fall/winter that you are searching for something to where to?