Style - January 10, 2020

Everything You Need When Moving to the Snow

Outfit Details: Boots (fits true to size) // Black Jeans (wearing size 25) // Black Sweater (wearing size xs) // Brown Coat (wearing size xs)

Hey friends! Today’s post is for all you girls out there moving from somewhere warm to somewhere not so warm! I know I’ve shared a lot of the items I’ve bought since moving to Dever, but it didn’t occur to me until a friend asked recently, that all my “moving to the snow” must-haves weren’t rounded up in one place. It can be a tricky transition, so of course I want to help any of y’all going through it!

I broke down the post into what I consider the four core categories for what you really need: boots, coats, sweaters and cozies. Surprisingly, I’ve had a lot of fun getting to change up my wardrobe in this way, so I hope if you’re making this transition too you can get some joy out of it! And even if you’re not moving to the snow, but maybe already live in it or are going skiing or snowboarding this winter, I bet you’ll find something here too! ;)


Shopping for winter boots has probably been my favorite category to explore. I’ve never really gotten to shop for winter boots like this before (other than the occasional pair), so I’ve really enjoyed getting to try out lots of different styles. My current fave is probably this pair – they’re just so chic yet really functional too! And that’s the thing – you need options that can serve both purposes.

If I had to choose, I’d say my essentials are a really good OTK boot, a black pair of booties and then a really good winter boot that you can wear in the snow.


A good winter coat is 100% necessary – there’s no getting around it. All the coats I had that I *thought* would be “good enough” for Denver’s winter temperatures didn’t even begin to cut it LOL. I like to have a variety of styles and colors (partly because of my job, partly because I love to mix it up) so depending on what I’m wearing, I always have something to keep me warm.

For example, if I’m wearing a cardigan or a longer top, I like to wear this North Face option. But if I’m going out somewhere fancy, I love a faux fur jacket! Honestly, I’ve found you can never have too many winter coats when you live somewhere that gets super cold. Now to find closet space for all of them…


My obsession with sweaters this winter has become pretty clear at this point I think. I wear one pretty much every single day and I love it. TBH, that is one thing about living in a colder climate that I’ve enjoyed – getting to wear all the sweaters! I’m sure the excitement will wear off after a while but I’m loving it at the moment. I have absolutely been living in this oversized option (it comes in tons of colors) as well as this turtleneck for when I want something extra cozy!

And speaking of cozy…


This category is kind of for fun, but also totally necessary. Living in the snow means it gets super cold outside, which means getting cozy inside is an absolute MUST. I’ve stocked up on all the warm and fuzzy socks, slippers, blankets, etc. I can’t get enough and promise that if you move to the snow you’re going to want to make sure you have all of these items on hand too!