Shopping - October 24, 2018

Easy Date Night Outfit + Jackets Under $200

grey sweater black jeans with red suede dee keller pumps date night outfit
grey sweater with red stripe detail
grey sweater with red stripe detail
grey sweater black jeans with red suede dee keller pumps date night outfit

It feels like a while since I’ve shared a regular outfit post with y’all, so thought I’d do that today. Do y’all like seeing these quicker one-outfit posts mixed in with other content that’s exciting me? Let me know!

Now that we’re finally getting some weather in Dallas (it literally rained for like a week straight), I’m busting out all the fall/winter outfits, including date night stuff! When I say date night, it’s usually just an outfit that’d I’d wear during the day but with a couple touches that make it feel “date” worthy. I’m not talking a sassy dress and some crazy heels or anything, that’s so not me.

Outfit Details:

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For example, jeans and a sweater can 100% be date-worthy when you think about a couple of elements. For one, I like wearing darker colors at night as they just feel more evening appropriate, obviously. Then, think about adding in details – like a sweater that has a fun element like this red striped one that’s SO FREAKING SOFT. It’s still comfy and cute, but the stripe almost makes it feel special right?

Next, add in an extra piece like a moto jacket or something to “finish” the look off – which takes it from day to night. Plus, I just feel cool in a moto jacket…anyone else?? The cropped aspect and thinner material of mine still make it feel feminine though so #winning (and so good for layering this time of year!). Finish the look off with dark or black jeans and a pair of booties and you’re good to go. Easiest date night look ever!

No surprise here that this entire outfit is from Nordstrom…half of my closet is. They really do have the best versatile items and I like to get a lot of my going out or date night stuff from here. The jacket situation they have going on is REAL right now, so do yourself a favor and see what they have. You know I’m always down for a budget-friendly option too, so I rounded up a handful of my favorite jackets from Nordstrom, all under $200. These are perfect for date night slash going out this season!

Cute Jackets Under $200:

Thanks so much to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own!