Beauty - November 5, 2018

4 Reasons I Love My Dyson Hairdryer

With the holidays just around the corner and all the shopping that goes with it, I thought it would be a great time to weigh in on my experience with the Dyson hair dryer. Around this time last year, I was talking about how much I loved my Drybar blowdryer. And so since I’ve gotten a new one and expanded my horizons, I felt like I needed to let y’all know my thoughts.

It took me a few years to finally cave and make the investment (because $400 on a hair dryer just felt WRONG). But now that I have, I don’t think I can ever go back. I still think the Drybar blow dryer is GREAT, but honestly, the Dyson just doesn’t compare to any other hair dryer I have EVER used. I wanted to break down exactly why I love it in a blog post for y’all, as I thought it might be helpful!

Before putting together this blog post, I wanted to do some reading to see what other people had to say about the Dyson. I always like to do that before answering a question on my blog. I mean, I knew that I loved it, but I needed some virtual validation from the internet to know that I wasn’t alone in my love for it, you know? Anyway, I came across this quote and it totally resonated with me. I’m like, YES girl, I FELL you on this:

“I find it indescribably frustrating that it’s considered frivolous for a person to spend a few hundred dollars to have the best possible version of something that she uses every single day. How many people have a $500 handbag that they’ve only carried half a dozen times, or an $800 camera that only comes out once a year for vacations?”

– Helen Rosner, on the Dyson supersonic hair dryer.

RIGHT?! I mean, when you put it this way Helen, it makes sense, right?! WE DO use this like almost every day (depending on your workout schedule I guess lol). And I also just love how she says “indescribably frustrating.” I feel her on that.

Anyway, the result of my research is that I found I am certainly not alone in my love for the Dyson. Everyone who owns one of these dryers (at least that I have come across) is just as obsessed as I am. Like Rosner says above, an item you use MULTIPLE times a week is worth the cost for longevity and quality. Those are the reasons I would buy again – but for every day/week use, I’m sharing 4 reasons why I can’t live without it.

Also, before you read all my thoughts on why I love this sucker, I want to add that this post is actually not sponsored. Although I really wish it were. I totally should have reached out. Shoot. Maybe next time! But dear Mr. Dyson, if you’re reading this, feel free to hit me up!

Now onto why I love it so much!

4 Reasons Why I Love My Dyson Hair Dryer

It saves time.

Drying your hair goes one of two ways – takes ages to air dry OR you blow dry it and end up sweating. I normally end up blow drying my hair every time I wash it because if I don’t, my hair will literally be HUGE. You might not know this, but I actually have really curly hair. It’s not like ringlets, but it’s enough to make a semi-afro – especially now that my hair is so short and has so many shorter layers!

I have very little patience when it comes to styling hair, but at the same time, I don’t skimp on giving myself a “Brighton blowout” when I do go through the trouble of actually drying it.  So the fact that this dryer helps me cut down on that time is a huge WIN in my book. Starting with fully wet hair, my blow dry routine takes under 10 minutes total – and that’s with round-brushing included.

It’s less damaging.

You know how when you leave the salon your hair ALWAYS looks better and less frizzy EVEN WHEN you do the exact same routine at home? Like ugh, WHY?! Well actually, it’s because of heat. Hairdressers normally use a dryer that heats up quick and after most of the hair is dry they will switch to a “no heat” setting that helps hair from being too hot, locking in the style and helping with smoothness.

Dyson has figured out this little trick and given it to you in a no-effort-required manner. The Dyson dryer has an internal mechanism that ensures the heat of the dryer is never too hot, which would cause damage. If you are drying your hair 3-5 times a week with any other blow dryer, ooh!, I pray for your ends cause they will be roasted. But with the Dyson, nope, you’ll only be smooth, silky & split-end free.

It’s lightweight.

Although you can build some seriously toned arms with most blowdryers, that doesn’t make me want to go out & purchase them or blow dry my hair any more often. I love that the Dyson dryer is basically half the weight of most hairdryers, WHY are they all so heavy?! What’s in there!? Essentially, less weight when drying my hair PLUS less time spent drying my hair = a less sweaty Brighton at the end of the process. Second WIN.

It gets my hair smoother, faster.

This is kind of similar to the first two points but deserves its own section because of the smooth factor. I notice a huge difference in smoothness when using the Dyson over other hair dryers. I don’t know exactly why this is but I have a feeling it is because of the way the air travels through the dryer and my hair comes out EXTRA smooth when I use the concentrator attachment that directs the air exactly where I want it. I find that each section gets smoother faster with the dryer & round brush because of how the air flows.

Are you questioning your blow dryer at home now? Wondering if you should invest? How often do you blow dry, twice a week AT LEAST? If you blow dry twice a week for a year, that’s about 104 blow drys. Making a blow dry with the Dyson a $4 blow dry AND the Dyson will save you money on haircuts due to less damage being done.

Worth it if you ask me, but you decide.


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