How To Wear - May 4, 2017

Long Cardigans in Spring

cardigan outfits // ways to wear a long cardigan sweater in spring

Talking about another spring staple that is for sure on my MUST have list: the long cardigan sweater (#obsessed!). If you’ve been following along via instagram (and the blog), then I’m sure you’ve already picked up on how much I love them by the sheer frequency at which I wear them….which is WAY TOO much! But what can I say?! I just LOVE them.

Let’s Talk All Sorts of Cardigan Outfits

It’s no secret that I have too many to count and resort to throwing one on just about every other day (although I don’t always include the cardigan in my #OOTD – it’s in my tote bag though!). As such, I decided that a post covering all sorts of cardigan outfits, showing you how to wear a long cardigan sweater (in spring) would be the perfect opportunity for me to rehash all my recent looks and further convince of the long cardigan’s necessity in your spring wardrobe :) – if I haven’t done that already! hehe

the Outfit Guide

1. Pair your long cardigan sweater with your flared denim or bell bottoms

I challenged myself with this look. Before putting this post together, I knew I wanted to do some sort of round up showing all the different ways you could wear a long cardigan sweater during the Spring months. So in listing out the different ways I’d already styled a long cardigan sweater and brainstorming new ways I wanted to try, one of the combos I wanted to take a stab at was wearing a long cardigan with flared jeans.

In my experience, my go-to with a long cardigan would be to wear it with skinny jeans – like you’ll see in several of the outfits featured in this post. But I had never tried wearing one with flared jeans. I think I avoided the combo because something about it just seemed counterintuitive to me – I guess I thought it would make me look shorter?

But it turns out that the two together actually elongate your figure and make a great combo. This actually explains why it looks so good when I see girls wearing tunic-y tops with flared jeans – its the juxtaposition of the two that play against each other and somehow make the outfit work and flatter your figure at the same time. What do you think? Would you wear your long cardigan with flares?! Give it a shop or let me know if you’ve done it before by commenting below :) [See/read more at the following blog post link: long cardigan and flared jeans outfit]


the Outfit Guide

2. Wear your long cardigan sweater with dark, cuffed skinny jeans and spring wedges

Yep, that’s the same long cardigan sweater but this time I styled it with cuffed skinny jeans (which – if you haven’t noticed – is my everyday GO-TO!). I paired it with a simple white tan (yes, I know I wear this thing way too much!) and layered delicate necklaces with sassy wedges for a casual chic look for running a few errands and then dinner with friends. And let me just warn you, you’re going to see this exact sweater (but in different colors) like WAY TOO MANY times in this post – but I guess that just shows you that I really do wear the things I tell you guys to buy (hehe).

brightontheday wearing long camel cardigan, chloe drew bag, black fedora hat, leopard heels

3. Wear a tan (or darker-toned) cardigan with distressed black skinny jeans and leopard accents during those pre-spring/late-winter weeks

In the earlier months of Spring (aka during that super transitional period which is typically February/March down here in Texas), throwing a long cardigan over some black distressed jeans and a white tee makes for the perfect casual chic look. I paired this look with leopard (low heel) pumps and my Chloe ‘Drew’ cross body bag to dress it up a little for a night out with girlfriends. [See/read more at the following blog post link: long tan cardigan and black distressed jeans]

@brightonkeller instagram ootd wearing linen tunic, black cardigan, distressed jean shorts and booties

4. Throw your cozy cardigan on over your favorite pair of denim shorts and booties for a transitional spring ensemble

And then during the later months of Spring, I love pairing my denim shorts with a long-ish cardigan and booties to create the perfect in-between looks. The booties are fall/winter (because it’s still a bit chilly outside), yet it’s warm enough to wear shorts, GIVEN you ‘weigh the outfit down’ with a comfy cardigan(if that makes sense to anyone other than the voice in my head?) .

All in all, this look is a total play of fall and spring (and even summer with the jean shorts) staples to create a fun and interesting throw-on outfit for casual errands or even going out with friends (add some earrings and lipstick!) But regardless, I love the mixed and unexpected feel of this look and find myself pairing my jean shorts with cardigan pretty often!

brightonkeller instagram photo ootd wearing stripe tee, black cardigan, skinny jeans and booties

5. Wear your cardigan with a simple striped tee, cuffed skinny jeans and casual closed toe booties

When it’s warm enough to wear short sleeves during the day but you’re adventures are taking you into the night and you know you’ll want a cardigan just in case it gets a bit chilly. You know those days? During late March and April, the weather in Dallas can get pretty finicky and once the sun goes down it can drop about 10 or so degrees depending on how windy/humid it is outside. On this particular day, it felt too chilly to wear open toe sandals, so I threw on my booties. But at the same time, I felt like I could wear short sleeves as long as I had a cardigan to fall back on.

long cardigan and white tee

6. Pair your cardigan with distressed jeans, a white tee, and coordinating cognac shoes and tote bag for a pre-spring/late-winter or fall look

This look is suitable for either early Spring or Fall as it has the perfect balance of transitional elements – closed toe booties, distressed jeans, and a light-weight cardigan. I included this in the Spring round up because this look would look just as cute (and maybe a little more fitting for the season) with a pastel or more spring-y colored cardigan. But whatever the color, the feel and look of the ensemble is the same – a white tee and distressed jeans paired with a long, open front waterfall cardigan.

Maybe you already have one in your closet – or something similar? Throw it over your favorite white tee and add a simple gold necklace and booties to finish off the look.

@brightonkeller wearing stripe swing dress + nude cardigan + espadrille halogen flats and tory purch perry tote

7. Throw a light-weight longer cardigan over your favorite spring dress

During the later months of Spring, I probably wear this combo the most! You know me, I can’t turn down a good swing dress -they’re just SO EASY and so stinkin’ comfortable! And a lightweight (long or short-sleeved) cardigan adds just the right touch to complete the look, making it more interesting and versatile. It would also look really cute with a simple long necklace as well!

brightonkeller wearing long coral cardigan, white tank, fringe necklace, skinny jeans

8. Pair your long cardigan sweater with skinny jeans, open toe heels and a statement necklace

If you’ve been following for awhile then you’ve probably  noticed that I’ve been wearing this cardigan on REPEAT this Spring and have been throwing it on at any chance I can get! I have it in about 5 colors (you’ll see a few more in this post) and just can’t get enough of it! Here I’ve paired it with a white tank, cuffed jeans and open toe sandals to make the perfect transitional Spring look!

brightontheday travel outfit wearing pink tank, tassel necklace, distressed jeans and neutral wedges

9. Travel chic in your long cardigan with distressed jeans, a simple tank and open toe lace up “shooties”

I wore this look to travel to Mexico back in February. This cardigan is SUPER lightweight but has just enough warmth to make you feel ‘covered’ (aka not as bare as you might usually feel in a thin-strapped tank). And it makes for the perfect laid back, casual look that’s still stylish and put together!

Brighton wearing blush and grey outfit with white skinny jeans

10. Layer your long cardigan over a sweater with white jeans and pointed toe suede pumps in the late winter and early spring months

Longer trench-like jackets can typically serve the same purpose as longer cardigans as they have a similar look to them and can be styled in the same way. I fell in love with this one back in January and wore it SO much – I bundled it up in NYC with lots of layers and then dressed it more appropriately for Dallas Spring in this outfit above. Since it’s got a thicker fabric, jackets like this look fine over a thinner sweater because the materials work together.

A typical long cardigan sweater probably wouldn’t work so well over a regular sweater (like the one I’m wearing in this outfit) because the fabrics would cling and just wouldn’t fall right. But I still wanted to include this in the post because if you have a longer cardigan that’s made of a thicker-ish material, you can still style it in a similar manner :)

green long cardigan + skinny jeans + kendra scott pendant necklace

11. Throw a long cardigan over a tank and skinny jeans completed with a statement necklace for running around town

I wasn’t kidding when I said I had this cardigan in like 5 colors – this is the same one I wore above in coral and in pink with my flared jeans. I absolutely LOVE it and have gotten so much use out of it! Here I am again wearing long sleeves with open-toed shoes – aka the quintessential spring transitional combo!

the Outfit Guide
the Outfit Guide

12. Add the finishing touch to an all-white monochromatic look with a cream or colored long cardigan sweater

Yep, here we go again with this cardigan! I love it. But my love for this cardigan aside, my styling tip for the look is to pair a colored (even it’s just slightly off white) cardigan over an ALL WHITE look to create a super spring-y look that’s still got a non-summer vibe if you know what I mean? And the cardigan kind of classes up the look a little bit by adding some substance to your outfit. [See/read more at the following blog post link: spring neutrals outfit with cream long cardigan]