Faith - July 26, 2015

#beingBRIGHTwithBRIGHTON Teaser Video

Videography by Carley White (website coming soon)

Remember when I said I was going to do videos about my faith on BTD?

ha. yeah. Well, 3 months later…here we are. I’m back! and I’m super excited to give you a little sneak-peek-teaser of what’s to come over here on BTD.

But y’all, this time I REALLY mean it. I know I’ve done a few intros – lots of talk and not so much walk – about what’s “to come” without really following through. Sorry about that.

But this time is different. I’m excited that today I actually get to promise you that there will be a REAL (like not another intro) video on the blog tomorrow. In fact, we’ve already filmed it.

UPDATE (11:41 PM 7/26) ….ha! of course I would run into issues. Plot twist! We did have it already filmed but for a few reasons…we have to film it again. See? Literally, jumping through hoops over here. But even still, it IS def coming. Just not Monday morning.

Let the anticipation begin…

ha, just kidding. (kind of)

So last week, I posted a novel on instagram about how much I hated editing videos and how for every little thing I get excited about (like something I want to share or tell you all), there’s about 47 other things that get in the way of me doing so. Namely my lack of video editing skills/software and patience and other technical things etc.

and then the coolest thing happened (but really it was freaking awesome and happened only a few hours after posting).

I was introduced to this bomb dot com chick named Carley who had mad video-editing skills. And BOOM. We started working together and making magic happen. The best part about it (in my opinion) is that she had been thirsty for (and praying for) a way to use her new-found passion of making videos to share the gospel. I think her exact words (well, via “text” message) were, “I’ve been praying for opportunities to use my minimal video skills to minister to people! It’s funny how the Lord works!”.

And so yeah, that was that – the beginning of something (I hope will be) awesome socks. So yay for trying new things and following through on making more videos! Hope you enjoy this little teaser video!