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Bedroom Reveal

Hello friends! My bedroom reveal post is FINALLY here and I’m SO EXCITED to share it with you all! Throughout the post, I’ll be sharing many different angles of the room and then doing my best to provide AS MUCH information as possible (this has literally taken me a century lol) on each and every single detail. But as always, if I miss anything please don’t hesitate to let me know or ask your questions in the comment section below!

brighton keller bedroom full view

I mentioned in a previous post (about how I KNEW I wanted to redecorate my bedroom) that I HAD to get rid of the nasty yellow walls that were there when I moved in (yes, it’s a rental). As such, the first thing I did (before even embarking in anything else) was decide to paint my room white – I knew it would make a HUGE difference in brightening up my room and enhancing the natural light that this room gets. I partnered with Benjamin Moore and decided to use their 2016 color of the year, OC-117 “Simply White” on my walls. And you guys, it’s PERFECT! I was a little nervous it might be too creamy because if you look at the swatch, it definitely has a little bit of a yellow tint to it.  But it’s just the right shade of white to where the room becomes about the decor and not the walls, which is what I wanted. It’s so funny how different paint can look on a swatch and then when painted on the walls of a room!

The color really just enhances everything else in the room rather than taking away from it. What do you think? Have you ever used this color? I HIGHLY recommend it – I’m going to use it for my future office too (another home decor post coming before the end of the year – stay tuned!)

brighton keller bedroom shoot front of bed

Oversized, gilded frame tufted headboard (custom – see details in copy below) // Pillow details and bedside table sources explained later in this post

Like I mentioned in my previous home decor post (where I went through all the steps I took and the process of decorating my bedroom), I got this headboard custom made with help from my mom. If you’d like to do something similar, please send me an email ([email protected]) and I can try and help you – serious inquiries only please (cost would be around $960 depending on what you want).

brighton keller bedroom oversizeed mirror and mini gallery wall
brighton keller bedroom shoot mini gallery wall detail
brighton keller bedroom shoot 24

LEFT: The Aestate Hot Pink Lips Print // Feathers Illustration Watercolor Print c/o Furbish Studio // Gold Urchin // RIGHT: Acrylic Chair // Black and White Striped Blanket // Arianna Belle Pink Pillow (similar HERE) // Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti Print + Floating Glass Frame

I decided to put a little mini gallery wall on the side of the mirror because something about having NOTHING there just looked too bare and boring. So I decided to add a little color with a few of my favorite things – I’m so obsessed with this lips print and think I’ll forever be in love with it (no matter how ubiquitous it may be!). And I love how well the lips go with the feather print – it’s like they were made for each other, right?!

This gigantic mirror was one of the very first things I got for my new bedroom and I’m SO OBSESSED. It might seem a bit extreme to most (trust me, I’ve got my fair share of jokes from friends and family) but I actually LOVE how big and oversized it is. To me, it’s perfect and I feel like I can see my ENTIRE outfit :) Also, it’s such a great statement for the wall and makes my room feel bigger than it is.

I actually looked for an oversized mirror all over the internet but couldn’t find one that was quite what I wanted or the size that I was hoping to find. So I ended up having to get this one custom made so it would be just the way I wanted it. For the sake of being thorough and giving you as much information as possible, my mirror is 55 x 86 inches (yeah, I know…it’s big!)

If you’re looking for something similar, I’ve seen a few good options over at One Kings Lane. For instance, this one is 45 x 85 which is almost just as big as mine and has a similar look.

brighton keller bedroom bed pillow detail

All pillows were custom designed and made in partnership with Willa Skye Home (can create essentially anything you could dream of for your bedroom) but for reference, here are the details on what you see here: Lavender PillowsLong Pillow in Kelly Wearstler’s “Les Touches” Fabric (custom) + Black and White Color Block Euro Shams

I wish I would have done a better job at documenting the entire pillow-picking process because YOU GUYS, it was quite the debacle and long-winded journey – to say the least! But I worked with Kristie over at Willa Skye and she was amazing. Not only did she help me figure out the colors that would work with my room (which ended up meaning the colors that worked best with the artwork) but she had the best advice and helped me think through what I wanted. And if you’ve ever decorated at all before, then you know that this is such a priceless gesture!

I went from wanting blush pink to all neutrals to peach and then ended up going with this lavender color (like I talked about in my How to Decorate your Bedroom Post). Despite all the back and forth and me changing my mind a zillion times, I’m so thrilled with the way it turned out and love how it compliments my artwork!

brighton keller bedroom shoot front shot view

I couldn’t decide on just ONE bedside table so I decided to do the asymmetrical look and go with two different ones – which freed up my lamp-picking options as well. That way I could have two different side tables and two different lamps and then I wasn’t necessarily committed to having them be on my bedside table if I decided to move things around eventually (which I’m sure I will…)

brighton keller bedroom shoot bedside table details
brighton keller bedroom shoot 34

Turtle + Shell Art by Jane Evans Designs // Society Social White and Gold Lamp (similar HERE) // Society Social Dog // Gabby Jolene Bedside Table // Z Gallerie Acrylic Clock // Diptyque Candle // GiGi NY Blush Notebook

My mom gave me this set of artwork trio for Christmas since she knew I was in the middle of redecorating my room and going with a neutrals and gold color palette. And I absolutely LOVE them. These beauties are actually by a local Baton Rouge artist that my mom is friends with – aren’t they so beautiful though?! I love the 3D-ness of them and how they’re a little more interested than just a typical acrylic or printed piece.

brighton keller bedroom details tom ford, glamorous rooms, chanel coffee table books with gold urchin

Chanel Coffee Table Book // Tom Ford Coffee Table Book //Glamorous Rooms Book // Furbish Studio Gold Urchin Wall Art (I have a lot of these…and LOVE them!)

Please excuse how dusty my tom ford coffee table book is…I didn’t get a chance to clean it for the shoot! Anyway, this is a closer up view of what’s on the bottom shelf of my bedside table.

brighton keller bedroom shoot jana bek blush pink lamp detail
brighton keller bedside table detail 3 level terrace table gold trim

Nest Decor Marble stacking boxes // Jonathan Adler Agate Decor // Jana Bek Hand Painted Lamp (similar HERE) // West Elm Terrace Nightstand Table // Chanel Coffee Table Book // Lyndsey Meyer Art – get a print or an iphone case here

How about this lamp though, friends?! Isn’t it stunning! I absolutely ADORE it and remember falling in love with it over 2 years ago I think? They’re actually each hand painted by my friend Jana Bek and each one is a work of art in and of themselves (obviously…). I love how they add a pop of color to a room in a subtle yet always complimentary way, which is a nice alternative to having a stark, solid lamp or a printed lamp that might clash with your other decor or upholstery.

Now let’s talk about THE ARTWORK. Or do I even need to say anything?! Is it not the most fabulous thing EVARRR? Okay but in all seriousness, I really do stare at every single day and fall more and more in love with it. The colors alone are inspiring but the composition…it’s what REALLY makes the painting special. My friend Lyndsey is a local artist here in Dallas but her talents exceed the state of Texas – she is so incredibly talented! And she was such a joy to work with as we figured out the perfect piece for my new bedroom! We decided to get prints and iphone cases made for this exact piece if you want a little slice of awesomeness in your own home :)

I already had this side table from a recent-ish collab I did with West Elm back in October (I think) and I decided to keep it in my new room because I loved it so much. I love the different levels because it gives me more styling space to play around with which is especially nice right now since I live with 3 roomies and don’t really have a fancy coffee table area at the moment. And although I really do LOVE west elm and shop there often, I feel like I’ve got to tell you that I found an (almost) identical version of this table for 1/2 the price….so if you’re looking for one, you might want to consider it first.

brighton keller bedroom pillow details lavender velvet kelly wearstler les touches pillow
brighton keller bedroom shoot 32

Bedding: Nordstrom at Home ‘Dorin’ 400 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Duvet // Pine Cone Hill Trio Linen Sheet Set (cream/gold-ish color) // Pine Cone Hill Interlaken Matelesse Coverlet // Ceiling Light Fixture: (via Zinc Door) Nuevo Sputnik Antique Brass Pendant Lamp

How much fun is this light fixture?! I’ve always known I wanted some sort of sputnik in my home. And I fell in love with this one instantly and it’s actually much more affordable than most of them on the market right now!

brighton keller bedroom shoot 2016 throw kindness around like confetti print
brighton keller bedroom palm leaf print x bench at foot of bed over zebra hide rug

Like I mentioned in my last interiors post, I’ve been crushing on a pair of x-benches for FOREVER. And I was going to get the leopard ones, but I decided to do something a little wild (lol pun intended…) and different and get the banana leaf print from the beverly hills hotel! For my benches, I worked with Liven Up Design and Jenn (the owner) was SO EASY to work with :) and I’ve seen these things elsewhere on the internet and her price is BY FAR the best out there (like by a lot….I saw some online that were pretty identical to mine but for 3x the price!)

brighton keller bedroom shoot view from aside bed
brighton keller bedroom corner detail with acrylic chair, leopard pillow, palm leaf beerly print
brighton keller bedroom details gold vase pink roses janathan adler gold trey

Knock off Acrylic Chair // Willa Skye Leopard Pillow // Banana Leaf Print + framed by Framebridge (THE BEST!) // Jonathan Adler Gold Zebra Dish // PB Teen c/o White Chest of Drawers with gold hardware // Diptyque ‘Roses’ Candel // Topiary // Gold Mirror (thrifted – similar below) // Marble box via Nest Dallas (sold out online and couldn’t find similar)

brighton keller bedroom fashion illustration vignette
brighton keller bedroom shoot 43

Maple Wood chest of drawers (antique/old) // Royal Python Trey // Glass Candle Holders (HomeGoods – similar here) + Candle Sticks // Tall Topiary (HomeGoods but similar here) // Jessica Durrant Artwork Illustration // Saint Laurent: Style Coffee Table Book // Allegra Hicks Coffee Table Book // Dior Coffee Table Book // Acrylic Bracelet Holder // Jonathan Adler Match Strike

I “inherited” this beautiful maple wood chest of drawers from my mom after college and I LVOE It. It’s the perfect size and the wood is beautiful, but I really love the unique grooves and curve of the piece the best. The marble top is actually just a slab of marble that I put on top of it – although most people think it’s part of the piece. If you look closely, you can see that the rectangular marble shape doesn’t match the curved shape of the top of the chest of drawers – maybe one day I’ll get it cut to match. But for now, it works and looks just fine like this :)

brighton keller bedroom entire room view

Layered Rugs: Rugs USA Maiu Jute Rug // Palecek Painted Zebra Hide Rug via Zinc Door (scroll through the widget below for more zebra hide options) // Curtains (custom) // Brass Curtain Rods (under $50 – best dupe of the RH ones I’ve ever seen!)

Now let’s talk about my rug situation. Since I have wooden floors, I wanted to have a rug in my room to make it feel more cozy and section off the part of the room where my  bed is. My bedroom is a really strange rectangle shape and so I wanted to section off part of the room to make it feel more put together if that makes sense? I’m currently renting and I think part of my  bedroom used to be a hallway…(but really though)

I knew from the get-go I wanted to do a neutral rug. I’ve done a statement rug in the past and I felt like it really limited me – especially since I’m constantly redecorating, moving things around and making little updates (since taking these photos, it already looks different! lol). Anyway, I was deciding between a sisal rug (a little bit thicker weave) and a jute rug (flatter weave) but decided to go with the jute because I liked the look.

If you’re in the market for a neutral rug (for ANY room really), then I would highly suggest Rugs USA – they literally have everything, the best prices, and are always running AMAZING deals (like 75% off sometimes!).

brighton keller bedroom details antelope horn jewelry holder diptque roses candle topiary
brighton keller bedroom shoot 24

Antlers Jewelry Holder // Michael Kors ‘Large Runway’ Watch // Diptqye Candle // Topiary (similar HERE)

brighton keller bedroom shoot acrylic bracelet holder detail over fashion coffee table books
brighton keller bedroom shoot 52

Special thanks to the following partners for collaborating with me on this bedroom makeover: Zinc Door, Pottery Barn, Lyndsey Meyer, Rugs USA, Willa Skye Home (Pillows), Jana Bek, West Elm, The Aestate, Furbish Studio, Framebridge, LivenUP Design, Pine Cone Hill, Benjamin Moore and Society Social // Lindsey Shea Photography