Beauty - May 3, 2016

Summer Nails

Headed to the salon to get yourself some bright and fun summer nails? I’ve got you covered when it comes to the (dreaded) decision of picking out which color to get.

Is it just me or does it take you forever?! Faced with 300-ish colors, I never know where to start and it’s SO HARD for me to make a decision.

As such, I’m always on the lookout for new and trending colors to try because I like to head to the salon with some sort of idea of which color I’m going to get – otherwise I get a little overwhelmed with all the options! There’s usually SO MANY…and it can be a little bit daunting.

six colors to try for your summer nails

Last week I made a big trip to Ulta and asked the beauty experts there what the most popular colors were for the upcoming summer season. Based on their recommendations and my favorites from the available selection,I picked out 6 colors for you guys to try next time you head to the salon.

If I were you, though, I’d suggest purchasing it yourself and bringing it with you because they might not have what you want. Plus, it’s better to have the color at home for upkeep and touchups in between manicures.

Ok so here we go! I’ve tested out all six of the colors too to show you what they look like.

brighton the day blush nail color by whim.

First up we have this light pink color by a newer brand in the nail beauty marked called Whim. This color is called ‘Sheer Nightie’ and instantly caught my eye. It reminds me of Essie ‘Fiji’ and O.P.I. ‘Mod About You’ but it’s actually a little more opaque which I really like. I’ve been waring this color for the past week and LOVE it!

brighton the day fuchsia nail color grapely admired infine shine by O.P.I.

This color by O.P.I. is called ‘Grapely Admired’ and it’s one of their newer colors in their “Infinite Shine” collection. I just LOVED this purple-ish color and it’s a great alternative if you’re sick of getting hot pink or light pink and wanted to try something a little different but not too crazy (like blue or green!)

brighton the day pure white nail color by essie

I HAD to featured one of my all time favorite colors – Essie ‘She Said Yes’ because if I’m honest, I usually end up wearing this one about 80% of the time. I just LOVE how clean and simple it is yet still statement-worthy since it’s such a stark white (usually you’ll see more transparent colors or a pink). But this is my FAVORITE and the one I probably get the most often!

brighton the day baby blue nail color by morgan taylor

I also picked out this color by Morgan Taylor called ‘Water Baby’ as a fun alternative to your typical pinks, neutrals, and reds. I like to pastel tone and how opaque it is and according to the ladies at Ulta, it’s been a big hit so far this year!

brighton the day hot pink nail color by zoya

Of course I have my favorite pinks by O.P.I and Essie, but I wanted to find another hot pink from another brand to try. I chose to give this color by Zoya called ‘Lo’ a try and feature it in the post. I love how it has a hint of NEON to it yet it’s still an everyday pink color. To me, it’s the quintessential color of summer and one I’ll for sure be sporting this year!

brighton the day orange nail color by essie

You can’t go wrong with a shade of bright orange and this one called ‘Sunshine State of Mind’ by Essie is all the rage as of late. To be honest, it’s not really my favorite bright orange, but I still like it nonetheless. I think I would prefer it to have a little less “red” to it and a little more “yellow” if that makes sense? But even still, it’s fun and definitely festive for summer!

There you have it! My top 6 picks for summer and a great selection of colors for you to try next time you head to the salon! What’re your favorite colors lately? Do you mind sharing?!

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Morgan Taylor ‘Water Baby’ (Baby Blue) // Zoya ‘Lo’ (Hot Pink) // Whim. ‘Sheer Nightie’ (Blush Pink) // Essie ‘Sunshine State of Mind’ (Orange) //    O.P.I. ‘Grapely Admired’ (Fuchsia Purple) // Essie ‘She Said Yes’ (White) // O.P.I. Top Coat (Clear)