Amazon - June 7, 2022

Amazon May Best Sellers

I’m back with another month of Amazon best sellers. In May, y’all really loved some of my favorite go-to items like the infamous playpen I use for Four (I get soo many messages about this any time I share on Instagram!) or this water play table that he’s currently obsessed with.

You also were into this super cute purple swimsuit and the pink bikini swimsuit that would be perfect for a beach vacation or day at the pool this summer. Oh and don’t forget Calm My Anxious Heart to read while you’re lounging by the water. Read my full review of the book!

Finally, these bike shorts have been so great while I’m pregnant. I’ve had to move onto maternity bike shorts at this point in my pregnancy, but the Amazon pair were my ride or dies for the first trimester for sure. They’d be great if you’re not pregnant too!

Below is a full list of top sellers from May. Enjoy!

Amazon Top Sellers

Brighton Butler Amazon May Best Sellers

Textured Purse // Sandals // Water Table Toy // Playpen // Purple Swimsuit // Ponytail Holder // Navy Maxi Dress // Pink Swimsuit // Biker Shorts // Calm My Anxious Heart Book