Style - July 7, 2023

AGOLDE Parker Denim Shorts: Long Vs. Cutoffs

brighton butler agolde parker long shorts

Years ago, I bought my first pair of AGOLDE Parker Cutoff Shorts, which started my love affair with this denim short. They’re basically the only denim shorts I’ve worn for the past five years. In fact, you may remember I dedicated a full blog post to them.

Fast forward to today and I’ve got 2 little kids who I’m constantly chasing around, so I switched to the AGOLDE Parker Long Shorts and it’s been a game changer. I decided to do a short comparison of the two so you can see the biggest differences.

PRO TIP: While these shorts wash really well, do NOT put them in the dryer. I’ve made this mistake and the bottoms roll up all funky. Just trust me, air drying is best!

PS – check out this blog post to see 10 ways to style denim shorts. I still love these looks so much!

AGOLDE Parker Cutoff Shorts


Parker Cutoff Shorts

+ shorter length

+ low waisted

+ can be styled tons of ways

+ machine wash cold

+ do not dry

+ come in several different washes

Just like the name implies, these shorts are… shorter. I honestly never thought they were “short” before, but now that I have kids, I’m overly aware of the length of my shorts. These are also lower-waisted than the long shorts, which I’m not really a fan of anymore. Give me high-waisted any day!


AGOLDE Parker Long Shorts


Parker Long Shorts

+ longer length

+ high-waisted

+ perfect for mom life

+ cold wash

+ do not dry

+ available in different washes

I was slightly worried these would be too long when I ordered them — being 5’3″, I really can’t do long shorts because they make my legs look short. But these hit at the perfect length IMO. I’m obsessed with the higher waist too… it’s very flattering. Sizing-wise, both pairs of shorts fit the same, so there’s no need to size up or down with either pair.


brighton butler agolde parker cutoff shorts