Lifestyle - November 29, 2018

4 Secrets to a Successful Social Media Detox

secrets to social media detox

Hi friends! Today I’m back to talk more about social media detoxes, because well, I just can’t get enough. You might notice I’ve been going kinda silent on social more and more lately and it feels dang good. It also seems like y’all love this topic based on this post and this one, too. So I want to keep talking about it!

I’ve already covered when you know you need a break from social and what going on a detox has done for me – but now I want to talk about the HOW. I think the WHY of subjects is so important, but without the tools to get through it, what’s the point? I’ll get right to it – here are 5 *secrets* I’ve used to do the detoxes myself. I hope they help y’all!

Prep a little bit

I mentioned in my previous posts about social media detoxes that sometimes they give me a bit of anxiety. Basically, not looking at social or posting (aka doing my job) makes me feel really behind. Mondays are a little bit tougher because I know I’ve been off for a couple days and so on. But I’ve learned that a little prep makes all the difference. Whether that’s getting some graphics ready that my assistant can post when I really want to share something, or feeling like I’ve done enough sharing that week – it’s nice knowing that I can take a break without it stressing me out.

If your job revolves around social, that’s what I’d suggest. If it doesn’t, you probably don’t need this tip but maybe it’s still helpful?

Get distracted

My first experience with a true social detox was over a weekend in Austin when I was with #mysteryboy and I was distracted in the best way. We had such a fun weekend doing outdoorsy things and just livin’ that social (and my phone) wasn’t on my mind.

If it pains you to put away social media (no judgements!), try being distracted for a weekend. Maybe choose your first detox during a busy weekend or on a trip away. The holidays are the PERFECT time to do detoxes and just enjoy the downtime with family and friends. I promise Christmas morning is still special without sharing it with your followers or feeling like you need to follow along everyone else’s day.

Let your phone die

Personally, when I know I need a social media detox, I usually need a break from my phone entirely. From texts, emails, everything. And the easiest way to take a break from it all – and to ensure you’re not tempted to check Instagram REAL QUICK – is turning off your phone or letting it die.

I’ll usually put away my chargers or not bring them with me and literally let it die. I won’t lie, this is kind of painful the first few times, but it gets more comfortable. After a few times, it’s SO FREAKING RELIEVING! Airplane Mode would work too, but I personally am all or nothing.

Wait ’til you’re ready

I’ve learned that I can’t do something unless I’m ready – even though I know it’s good for me. I can’t workout until I’m truly ready. I can’t do a wellness routine unless it really feels good, even though the rest of the world might like it. And I can’t take a social media break unless I’m personally ready for it!

Take inventory of your state of mind and burnout (and read this post) and wait until you’re actually ready. Don’t take a break just because I am or because I say it’s good for you – wait until you really need it. It’ll make the process much easier and successful!

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