Life - January 3, 2019

5 Things I’m Buying to Get Organized for 2019

I’m really in a season of buying less (which I’ve talked about a few times on BTD like here), and honestly it’s been great. I’ve been focusing on quality over quantity and only buying things that bring me joy or I need for work. It’s kinda messy since part of my job is sharing clothes and things, but I think I’m doing a balanced job of it. I’m honestly almost to a point where I feel guilty buying things I need, but I’m trying to get better at that – because buying what I *need* wasn’t my problem. It was buying what I didn’t need. Anyways! More on that to come this year, but I wanted to do a quick roundup on some recent purchases that truly felt necessary.

A big goal of mine for the year that’s carrying over is being more organized. In my house, in my business, in my life, in everything. I always get motivated by organizing even though it’s SO HARD for me to start, but here I am, starting. I’ve bought the following 5 items over the last month or so and wanted to share in case you’re looking for some organization in your life in 2019. I’ll leave links to my organizational posts on BTD at the end in case you’re tackling a specific area of your home or life (or you can see the whole section here)!


OMG have you guys heard of these Tile things? They are SO COOL! You can basically attach them to anything, like your keys, wallet, whatever the heck you lose all the time. For me it’s my keys. I seriously waste way too many minutes of my life looking for them, especially between switching purses and all that. You basically add this to your keychain and then can always find where it is from your phone. Genius right?!


If you haven’t gotten one yet, this is one of my favorite things to get to not only make me organized, but to make me more motivated. I suggest getting one that’s good for goal setting/resolutions/that kind of stuff and then one for day-to-day scheduling. I like having 2 separate ones since honestly goals vs. your schedule is pretty different. Plus, it’s not one huge planner I need to carry with me everywhere. You can see all my faves right here and why I like each!

Bathroom Countertop Sets

I actually already had this set in my bedroom’s bathroom, but our guest bathroom was lacking some sort of organization for guests. I bought one more set of these so that when friends or family come to stay, they have things like q-tips, tissues, etc ready for them so they don’t feel like they have to bring everything. Plus, it makes the whole bathroom feel more pulled together. I also love that I need less containers (like for soap or face wash) and can use these for a more streamlined look. If you don’t have these for all your bathrooms, might be a good idea friends!

Glasses Container

Y’all, I’m really, really bad at taking care of my glasses, but this year I’m going to be better! Instead of trying to stuff too many into a box or just throwing them into a drawer, I got a few of these containers to stack. I put the fun summer-ish ones in one box, my reading/seeing glasses in another, then my everyday glasses in another. Love that you can keep them on the dresser or stack them away in your closet if you’re stashing ones you don’t wear as often or whatever.

Car Clothes Bar + Bag Hooks

Gonna be honest, my car is one of those areas that’s always a hot mess. Between photo shoots and returning clothes and regular life, it’s usually a mess with lots of clothes, bags and all the things. I recently got this portable clothing rack (still need the boy to install it though it looks pretty easy), and I can’t WAIT. Also got a couple of these hooks for the back of the seat for random stuff I always need in there. Let’s hope it helps!

K that’s it! Y’all can shop all 5 organization items right here and let me know if there’s anything changing your organization game lately!

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