Fall - September 28, 2017

The BEST Spots for Dinner in Florence

modcloth outfit featuring shawl collar sweater with denim jeans and brown booties and leopard clutch

Italy is one of those places I’ll never tire of visiting, and within Italy, Florence is one of my absolute favorite cities! But then again, how could anyone NOT love Florence? It’s AMAZING in so many ways. I don’t think I’ve ever actually shared this anywhere on the blog, but I actually lived in Florence for a summer with some of my girlfriends during college! We all took a cooking class together and lived in a little apartment just steps from the duomo. Yes, it was amazing and an experience I will never forget! So I have a very special place in my heart for Florence :)

I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in the city (and there are SO many good ones!), and I realized I’ve never done any sort of review of Florence on BTD. So I figured this post was a must! I wanted to narrow down the list to the BEST of the BEST so that if you’re only in the city for a short period of time, you can be sure to SCORE with any of these picks! Plus, I always appreciate a short list of the best rather than a long one that I have to personally sort through.

I’ve been to all of these spots in Florence over the past 10 years of making trips there – although I wasn’t able to hit them all up on my most recent trip. Regardless, these all come very highly recommended and you seriously can’t go wrong with any of them. Please do comment below with any that you’d like to share and tell us why you love that spot! I love when the comments become an extension of the blog post when y’all all weigh in with your thoughts!

modcloth outfit featuring shawl collar sweater with denim jeans and brown booties and leopard clutch
modcloth outfit featuring shawl collar sweater with denim jeans and brown booties and leopard clutch

In these photos, I’m wearing the coziest sweater from Modcloth I picked up just before the trip. If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, then you’re aware that I shop there for all sorts of basics and special occasions too! I love how varied their selection is! I also have this sweater in black too from last season and love that it’s long enough so I can wear with leggings! It fits oversized, too, which is really nice and cozy! And speaking of longer, cozy sweaters, I also love this one from their site that comes in a pretty baby blue and pink color and is a similar price point. And ONE more pick I’m loving; I’ve been crushing on mustard hues this season and this sweater looks like it would be so cute with jeans and booties and scarf once the temps drop in Dallas!

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modcloth outfit featuring shawl collar sweater with denim jeans and brown booties and leopard clutch
modcloth outfit featuring shawl collar sweater with denim jeans and brown booties and leopard clutch
modcloth outfit featuring shawl collar sweater with denim jeans and brown booties and leopard clutch
modcloth outfit featuring shawl collar sweater with denim jeans and brown booties and leopard clutch
modcloth outfit featuring shawl collar sweater with denim jeans and brown booties and leopard clutch

Best of the Best Spots for Dinner in Florence

It took me forever to narrow this list down y’all because there really are SO MANY AMAZING spots in Florence for dinner. And sometimes the best ones are the random spots you come across while walking home – tucked away and hidden from the crowds. But I wanted to provide a resource for y’all if you’re planning a trip in the future so that you could choose any of these spots and not be let down. I also took into consideration all your recommendations and weighed in customer reviews online to make sure I wasn’t the only one obsessed with said place. All in all, these are all safe bets for a great meal and experience while in Florence!

La Giostra Restaurant – This is YOUR SPOT for an undeniably amazing, authentic Italian dinner in a quaint Italian restaurant. And I’m telling you that the food is out-of-this world good – talk about exceeding all your Italian dinner expectations! But really though, it’s quite amazing and yummy! Lights hang from the ceiling creating a romantic atmosphere and the staff is charming too. A glass of prosecco and a plate of assorted antipasta is served as soon as you sit down, which is a nice little touch I thought! We got the risotto and the bolognese and OH EM GEE I think it was one of my favorite meals of the entire trip by far! They were both delicious and served to perfection!

Buca Lapi – Family owned restaurant that makes you feel like you’re at home. The gnocchi and the steak Florentine are must-haves on the menu. If you want to make sure you get a seat though, try to make a reservation at least two weeks in advance.

La Loggia Restaurant at Villa San Michelle – Visiting the Belmond Hotel is worth it simply for the spectacular view! I didn’t get to go this past time I was in Florence, but I’ve been before and it’s beautiful!  While you are visiting, stop by for a glass of wine and dinner at La Loggia restaurant. This restaurant is a bit on the pricey side so keep that in mind when traveling with a large group. 

Il Latini – This restaurant is a group seating atmosphere, so it offers a different experience than the others. Tables that are very close together making it nearly impossible to not get to know your neighbors & create a family vibe while enjoining your meal. The best and most recommended item on the menu is the florentine steak! I didn’t get to go on my most recent trip, but I’ve been before and it’s a great experience!

Aqua Al 2 – Have you ever heard anyone talk about the blueberry steak in Florence? During my summer there, I feel like umpteen hundred people told us about this MUST-GO spot and that we HAD to get the blueberry steak. And the meal and experience most certainly lived up to the hype. We ended up going 3 different times during that summer and loved it every single time!

Buca Mario – Another spot where you really can’t go wrong! I’ve been here several times and even brought my parents when they came to visit me! It has all the (best!) Italian vibes and an environment you’ll be sure to enjoy. Not to mention the food is incredible (duh). This was another one that y’all were raving about on instagram DM’s and that many people said is MUST go-to while in Florence.

Golden View – this was another spot I went back to a few times because of the amazing view! And I also brought my parents here! It’s located on the Ponte Vecchio and has large glass windows where you can see an amazing views of the Arno river. This is also a great spot for lunch if you’re planning on spending the afternoon perusing the shops along and around the Ponte Vecchio. Be sure and request a window table so you can enjoy the view!

DRINKS on roof of westin Florence

This photo (above) was taken from the roof of the Westin hotel (included in the other recommendations list below!)

Other Recommendations in Florence

Se-sto on Arno – Located on the rooftop of the Westin hotel and only a couple of blocks from the Ponte Vecchio, a glass of wine here at sunset is well worth a visit on your trip to Florence! You have a captivating view of the river at sunset and can take in the entire city skyline – I always make a stop here when I visit Florence even though I’ve been over 10 times! It’s just one of my favorite experiences and so beautiful no matter the weather! Drinks and happy hour are offered in case you don’t have time for dinner.

Gusto Pizza – Without a doubt the best pizza in Florence! We used to go here and pick up pizza all the time during my summer there!

Osteria Santo Spirito – another great spot for dinner in the city!  And one that several of you guys suggested as your favorite in Florence, so I felt like I HAD to include it in the post!

Okay what do y’all think?! Any of you Florence veterans think I missed anything in this list? I’m sure I did – because the entire city is amazing and full of SO MANY amazing spots! But hopefully this helps some of y’all planning trips to Florence in the future! If you try any of these spots, be sure to come back and comment on the post to let others know you loved it!

My picks from Modcloth’s website:

Thanks so much to Modcloth for sponsoring this post! I really am so grateful to have amazing brands such as Modcloth provide the opportunity for me to create original content that I’m excited to share. But as always, all opinions are my own.